National Redhead Day
Celebrated On November 5, 2021

National Redhead Day 337 days to go


The National Redhead Day (also known as Love Your Red Hair Day) is celebrated on November 5 annually for the past 5 years. This day is to glorify the remarkable red-haired people for their noteworthy bright hair. This day is mainly celebrated to embrace and empower the less than 2% population of redheads around the world.  


History of Redhead Day

The redhead people were bullied for their appearance, and were called as “gingers.” There was even a day called “Kick a ginger day” which was created just to insult the people with red hair. Centuries back, the redheads were considered as witches and that they had no soul. Hence, they must be kicked. The redheads eventually started to feel very weak and powerless. To end all these injustice, two revolutionary redhead sisters namely Adrianne and Stephanie Vendetti came up with a Nationally recognized day specially for the redheads in the year 2015. They also created a website “How to be a Redhead” and authored “How to be a redhead” beauty book. These efforts have empowered a lot of redheads and is continuing to do so.  


How to observe National Redhead Day?

Redhead Day is all about recognizing and respecting the people with redhead, so if you are a redhead, it is time to flaunt your hair and conquer the spotlight. The redheaded people can visit a salon to do their favorite hairstyle. The hashtag #LoveYourRedHairDay has been popularizing since 2015, so all redheads can click pictures of themselves with their ravishing red hair and also with a dashing red dress to post it in Social Media with that hashtag. This will also encourage all other red hair people to embrace their gorgeous red hair.  

If you have friends or co-workers who have red hair, it is time to glorify them by gathering them together for a party. This party can be Red themed party with red balloons, foods and drinks that are red in color. Everyone can dress in red and showcase the power of the color Red.  

This day can also be promoted by remembering all the famous personalities with red hair and their contribution to the world. It can be from Price Harry to Ed Sheeran, Rupert Grint, Emma stone and so on. Movies, shows, songs that starred these personalities can be watched to celebrate the achievements of these iconic red-haired people and this motivate the other red- haired people to accomplish great things in life.  


Why celebrating National Redhead Day is important? 

As red-haired people contribute to less than 2% of world’s population, it is important that they are recognized. By celebrating National Redhead Day, the prejudices that have been prevailing about redheads can be reduced and even be eradicated. For all the distress that red-haired people have been going through, this day can bring all love and positivity to them. The non-red hair people will start looking up at the red hair people. This day will be the best chance to celebrate the rarest and most elegant hair color.  


When is National Redhead Day?

2020Nov 5
2021Nov 5
2022Nov 5
2023Nov 5


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