National Root Beer Float Day
Celebrated On August 6, 2021

National Root Beer Float Day 297 days to go

The National Root Beer Float Day is observed on August 6 of every year. This is the day to celebrate and enjoy the best beverage/dessert combos in the world. These classy beverages give a creamy treat and that is loved by all the people. On this national root beer float day, take a cole mug of frothy root beer and float a scoop of vanilla ice cream on it and enjoy the combo. It was all started in the year 1983 when Frank J. Wisner was inspired. One full moon night, the moonlight shined on the snow-capped cow mountain and reminded him of the scoop of a vanilla ice cream. He rushed to his bar and scooped a spoonful of vanilla ice cream into the children’s favorite flavor of soda, Myers Avenue Red Root Beer. After he tried the recipe, he liked it very much, then the very next day he served it to others. Frank J. Wisner named his new creation as “Black Cow Mountain” then the local people shortened the name into “Black Cow”

History of the National Root Beer Float Day


  • 1876 – A pharmacist “Charles Elmer Hires started to sell root beer commercially.
  • 1919 – In Lodi, California, Ray Allen opened a root beer stand, and that eventually became the A&W Restaurant chain.
  • The 1920s – The non-alcoholic root beer’s popularity increased.
  • August 6, 2019 – The A&W Restaurant thrown a party by filling the small mugs with their classic mix of vanilla and root beer.


Activities to do on the National Root Beer Float Day


  • Organize a root beer party for adults

Invite your friends and neighbors over for a dessert party and give them some root beer floats. You can get root beers with varying levels of alcohol. So call everyone and have great fun.

  • Whip up your own

One of the best ways to spend the national root beer float day is whipping up your own float beer. Get your favorite brand/bottle of root beer, pour it into a chilled glass, and add a fresh scoop of vanilla ice cream on it.

  • Have some root beer research

Someplace nearby you may sell root beer, and in places where they are selling root beer, will have nearly 100 varieties of it. So just check out all the varieties and customer reviews for that, then choose one and try it, it would be amazing.


Why Everyone Loves National Root Beer Float Day?


  • One of the perfect combos

The recipe of this may seem quite simple, but in fact, this simple recipe is one of the best combinations that exist. You can also use your creativity in adding the toppings, add your favorite things as toppings and enjoy it.

  • It generates fund for a good cause

On the national root beer float day, the A&W Restaurants collects funds for the disabled American veterans. So it is being a good charity that fights for the better health of injured heroes.

  • They are versatile

Root beer is versatile, there is a lot of varieties in it to taste. In some countries, they will have their signature recipe of root beer.


When is National Root Beer Float Day?

2020Aug 6
2021Aug 6
2022Aug 6
2023Aug 6


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