National Rum Day

National Rum Day

Every year the National Rum Day is observed on the 16th of August. Rum is one of the best beverages that make you warm inside, and it will be great if you are mixing it with any other beverages. The discovery of this delicious rum takes us to the 17th century; the hardworking slaves on the Caribbean sugar plantation were the first to discover rum. Molasses, the by-product of leftover sugar (was considered as waste until it can be distilled) that transformed into alcohol after fermenting and refining, and the Caribbean hardworking slaves found that. And after that, eventually, distilleries caught on, and that turns rum production into a major global business. Now rum has become the third most popular spirit in most countries, especially in the United States. Still, now the rum is being the best and favorite for all the pirates and sailors.

History of the National Rum Day

  • The 1620s – The hardworking Caribbean slaves discovered that molasses (a by-product of sugar) could be turned into alcohol by refining and fermenting.
  • 1664 – The first distillery in New York was established in present-day Staten Island
  • 1705 – The oldest and still existing rum company, “Mount Gay,” was born in Barbados

After all these things, rum became a popular and great alcoholic beverage across the world. There is no authentic date in national rum day’s history, but this national rum day might be created by the people who are fond of rum. The objective of national rum day is to enjoy and celebrate the divine of rum.


Activities to do on the National Rum Day


  • Try out a new style

National rum day is the best time to try rum in an unusual combination. Traditionally white rum is for mixing, and dark rum is for neat or having an ice cube. But on this national rum day, try to drink rum in an unusual combination that people might not be heard of. Try new and find the great combo.

  • Go for traditional

Try mixing up your favorite rum with your favorite brand of beer or water. If you ever have a thirst for rum, then you must “Bumbo,” a pirate style mixture of rum that gives you a sweet treat.  Mix your favorite rum with water, then add a bit of sugar, nutmeg, and add citrus juice in it.


Why Everyone Loves National Rum Day?


  • Rum is great for any season.

Many people think that rum is perfect for the summer, but in fact, rum is perfect for any season and any time in the year. During summer, you can try the regular rum or spiced rum, and during the winter, you can try hot buttered rum, which will arm your soul.

  • Rum is fun

Drinking rum will always be fun, and it is classy. Also, there is an endless list available on cocktails. The local bartender will know nearly hundreds of rum cocktails, and you will not be disappointed by that.

  • Rum is sunshine

Moreover, rum is the sunshine for most people; it warms their soul and heart; it enriches them with purity and divine. Rum is not just a drink; it is an emotion for people.


When is National Rum Day?

2020Aug 16
2021Aug 16
2022Aug 16
2023Aug 16


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