National Sausage Pizza Day

National Sausage Pizza Day 2023

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Every year on October 11, National sausage day is celebrated. Sausage pizzas always have got a constant place in our hearts and deserve a day to celebrate. One of the best toppings for pizzas are sausages! They bring out the best taste of all time.

History of National Sausage Pizza Day

  • In 1994 The National council of sausage and the hot dog founded the sausage month.
  • The first sausage pizza was made in Mesopotamia, a region surrounded by Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.
  • Sausages were first found in 3100BC in Mesopotamia. Currywurst is the best sausage.
  • Germany consumes more sausages and if you want to eat the best sausage pizza, then book a flight ticket to Poland, Germany, Italy to taste the best ones.
  • The pizza was first made in 1889 by Raffle Esposito. The first pizzas were made as pies!
  • Pizzas are suitable for all types of celebrations and parties. It may be a birthday party, get together, movie time pizzas would be a perfect choice!
  • Singer and actor Nick Joans said that ‘I love pizza; you can’t really go wrong with it!’ 
  • There is no one who hates pizzas! Pizzas have got a place in their heart.


Activities To Do On National Sausage Pizza Day

  • On this day there are many offers in Italian cuisine. Go to your nearby restaurants and start tasting different types of pizzas!
  • Buy the needed ingredients to make a cheesy pizza with sausages on it. The best pizzas are not bought; they are made! Make your pizzas with love.
  • Give your pizzas to your loved ones, family, friends. Spread your love by giving pizzas.
  • There are varieties of pizzas all over the world. People restrict us not to eat pizzas because eating too many pizzas can bring health problems. But if you have fallen in love with it, then you can never change!
  •  On October 11, host a pizza contest with your neighborhood community members. Boost them to make their signature style.
  • Look for a movie, pull up your friends or loved ones, grab a couch make or order a pizza, and enjoy your day. The best combinations for pizzas are cool drinks, which make us feel so peaceful and calm.
  • Infuse of your own style of pizzas. It is not that the best pizzas are made in restaurants; they are made at home.
  • Don’t wait for the holidays to share your pizzas. 


Why Do We Love To Celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day?

  • Pizzas are irreplaceable! They taste like no other dishes. Pizzas are very different and mouthwatering.
  • Post a picture of your signature style pizza with #Nationalsausagepizzaday
  • You don’t have to be an expert to make pizza because the well-known brands have made our work easy.
  • On this day, the shops and shopping malls would sell the tools used to make pizzas in clearance to encourage them to make pizzas.
  • Make sure your toppings are sausage that would be perfect for your pizzas.
  • Slice a day, sad away!


When is National Sausage Pizza Day 2023?

2020Oct 11
2021Oct 11
2022Oct 11
2023Oct 11


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