National Shrimp Day

National Shrimp Day

Every year May 10 is observed as the national shrimp day. May 10 is to celebrate the delicious seafood, and most of the American prefer shrimps than any other seafood. And some countries use the word “prawn” to describe the shrimp. But actually, prawn is a word to describe the large shrimps or the jumbo shrimps. The preparation of the delicious shrimp will start with removing the head, tail, and shell. The standard methods to cook shrimp are frying, grilling, sauteing, boiling, baking, and broiling. And the shrimp will taste better when they are not overcooked.


History of National Shrimp Day

The national shrimp day has been started to celebrate the amazing and deliciousness of the shrimp. Having shrimp is related to the health of the person. It means shrimps boost the physical health of the person. Shrimp is commonly called the fruit of the sea. Seafood is always delicious, but among the seafood, shrimp remains the epic. There is no authentic date in the history of national shrimp day, but national shrimp day’s objective is to celebrate the delicious.


Things to do on the National Shrimp Day


  • Go for a shrimp fishing tour.

Tune yourself to be on the boat to catch the delicious shrimps. Approach a fisher and go with them on that day, start in the early morning and stay out all day. Throw out the nets and catch the amazing shrimps; by the end of the day, take all the shrimps that you caught and cook it.

  • Have a shrimp feast

When it comes to shrimps, there are endless recipes available. For this national shrimp day, try most of the delicious recipes of the shrimps with your friends. You join together with your friends and start to cook shrimps. In the final, give a gift to the person who made the most delicious shrimp.

  • Go to your favorite restaurant.

On national shrimp day, call your loved ones and travel to your favorite restaurant that makes your favorite dish in the shrimps. Have your favorite with your loved one and have a valuable and memorable time.


Why Everyone Loves National Shrimp Day?


  • Shrimps are great

When it comes to shrimps, it is actually great and good for you. These little shrimps have greater nutrition in them. Shrimps are low in calories, rich in vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and filled with omega 3. Also, shrimps are great resources for fighting inflammation and improving eye health. And it plays an important role in promoting brain function by the source of selenium in it.

  • Versatile

Shrimps are the one which has numerous versatile quality in it, and you can try a lot of recipes with shrimps, it comes in different shape and size. There are also many types available in shrimps, and each will taste unique, like the rock shrimp, tiger shrimp, and the traditional pink shrimp. 

  • Best alternatives for meat

If you want to take out the meat from your diet plan, and still you want to have delicious non-veg foods, then shrimps are the best options. As shrimps are low in calories, it will not affect your health, and actually, shrimps help you have a healthy immune system and promote good heart health.


When is National Shrimp Day?

2020May 11
2021May 11
2022May 11
2023May 11


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