National Smoothie Day

National Smoothie Day

Smoothies are the healthiest and tastiest substitute, which helps to boost your energy level instantly. Every year June 21st is celebrated as National Smoothie Day. Smoothies are one of the best choices when it comes to beat the heat during summers. It is a perfect blend of nuts, fruits, veggies, and ice cream. You can be creative and stir up a yummy treat for yourself.


History of National Smoothie Day

National Smoothie Day’s history is super interesting; here are some fun facts and history behind National Smoothie Day. 

  1. The term smoothie came into existence in the mid of 1930s.
  2. The term smoothie was prominently used in yummy recipes. 
  3. Credit goes to the invention of an electric blender; smoothie came into America during the 1930s. It was considered one of the healthiest options. 
  4. During the 1930s, smoothies were highly sold on the West Coast.
  5. In the year 1990, Jamba Juice was the leader, and it is now called the famous and largest “Smoothie Stores” chain across the globe. 
  6. The trend of Smoothies goes green came into the picture during the 2000s. People started experimenting with many green vegetables that include kale, broccoli, celery, spinach, nuts, fruits, ice creams, and whatnot.


How to Observe National Smoothie Day?

Here is the list of some amazing options to celebrate and observe National Smoothie Day. 

  1. Blend it up 

Experiment with some bold ingredients and create a yummy smoothie. You can be as creative as possible by including unique ingredients like gummy bears, coconut milk, soya milk, avocado, beetroots, vegetables, nuts, etc. 

  1. Smoothie Cocktail Party 

Please invite friends and folks over a smoothie cocktail party and serve lip-smacking yummy smoothies to them. To make the most of this party, you can also consider adding adult drinks to the smoothies. 

  1. Checkout a Smoothie Joint

Do you have a friend who also enjoys smoothies, look for a nearby restaurant or eat away which server yummy smoothies.  Go on a smoothie tasting speed and have a blast on National Smoothie Day.

  1. Post on Social Media 

Another fabulous way to celebrate National Smoothie Day is to prepare your version of smoothie and post it on social media handle, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalSmoothieDay.


Why Celebrating National Smoothie Day Is Important?

Smoothies are one of the oldest and important parts of the healthy food menu. It is one of the easiest and quick options if you want to get rid of the hunger pangs. Smoothies are versatile, and they can be prepared using just 2 ingredients as well. Smoothies are a superfood for everyone, and it can be salty, crunchy, sugary, and even bitter. It depends on the choice of ingredients and the versatility of the recipe. 

Smoothies are a super healthy and easy way to nourish your body. A perfect supplement while post-workout, as it helps to regain your lost energy. In fact, smoothies work as a natural coolant, and it can also warm up. All that matters is the choice of ingredients.


When is National Smoothie Day?

2020June 21
2021June 21
2022June 21
2023June 21


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