National Submarine Day

National Submarine Day 2023

Last Updated on March 26, 2023

National Submarine Day is celebrated on April 11 annually in the United States. This holiday is dedicated to honoring the important contributions of submarines and submariners to the military and to exploration. It is a chance to recognize the bravery and sacrifice of those who serve on these underwater vessels. Without their contribution underwater, we cannot live safely on land. 

The history behind National Submarine Day

National Submarine Day is a day to commemorate the day the United States Navy purchased its first submarine, the USS Holland, on April 11, 1900. The Holland was designed and built by John Philip Holland, an Irish-American engineer, and the purchase of the Holland marked the beginning of the United States submarine fleet. April 11 is a day to honor and cherish the rich history.

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Why Celebrate National Submarine Day?

Submarines have been used in many different ways in history, from World War I and World War II to the Cold War and beyond. They have also been important for scientific research and exploration of ocean depths. On this day, we remember the bravery and sacrifice made by the people who serve on submarines, and it is a day to appreciate their important role in both military and civilian contexts.

How to Celebrate National Submarine Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Submarine Day. Here are some ideas:

  1. Visit a Submarine: You can take a submarine tour if you live near a naval museum or base. This can be a great way to learn about the history and technology of submarines.
  2. Watch a Movie or Documentary: There are many movies and documentaries about submarines, some of which date back to classic films like “Run Silent, Run Deep.” Watching these movies can help you learn more about submarines and their historical role.
  3. Read a Book: Reading books about submarines can help you understand the experiences of those who serve them better.
  4. Host a Submarine-themed Party: If you’re feeling creative, you could throw a submarine-themed party. You could decorate with nautical items, serve submarine sandwiches, and play submarine-related games. Invite all your friends who are enthusiastic about submarine and underwater life. 
  5. Donate to a Submarine-related Charity: This is the best day to donate and support submarine-related causes. For example, the Navy SEAL Foundation or the Submarine Force Library and Museum Association.

Fun Facts about National Submarine Day

Here are some fun facts about submarines:

  1. The first submarine was built in 1620 by Dutch inventor Cornelis Drebbel.
  2. Submarines can travel at speeds of up to 25 knots while submerged.
  3. The longest patrol by a submarine was completed by the USS Parche, which spent 150 days at sea.
  4. The USS Nautilus was the first nuclear-powered submarine, launched in 1954.
  5. Submarines played a significant role in the Cold War, with both the United States and the Soviet Union using them for intelligence gathering and deterrence.
  6. The submarine USS Monitor fought in the first battle between ironclad ships during the Civil War.
  7. Submarines have been used for scientific research, such as studying deep-sea ecosystems and mapping the ocean floor.

In a nutshell, National Submarine Day is a crucial national day in April that marks the bravery and sacrifice of submariners. It’s a chance to learn about the importance of submarines and celebrate what submariners do to help the military and explore new lands. There are many ways to celebrate National Submarine Day, and you can pick based on your comfort.  It can be anything like visiting a submarine, watching a movie, or donating to a submarine-related charity. So on April 11th, take time to honor submarines’ important work and continue to help our world.

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