National Talk Like A Pirate Day

National Talk Like A Pirate Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Two friends created the National Talk Like A Pirate Day as a joke in the year 1995 on 19th September. However, it has become one of the most loved holidays, which lets people showcase their inner Jack Sparrow. The National Talk Like A Pirate Day provides a great opportunity for us to spare some time aside from our regular busy schedule and learn and celebrate the day. 


History of the national Talk Like A Pirate Day

The National Talk Like A Pirate Day was first celebrated in 1995 when two friends were just joking around and created the day when playing racquetball in Oregon. They had celebrated this day for many years and shared the joke around with their friends. However, in 2002, one day, they decided to write to Dave Barry, the humor columnist and asked him to become the spokesperson for the National Talk Like A Pirate Day. Barry had agreed since he was pleased with the idea. He then wrote about the day and gave it a national prominence, which spawned a way of the celebrations and events related to the National Talk Like A Pirate Day all over the country. 

Well, whenever we think of pirates, we often see them as people from the Golden Age of Piracy as it was described according to Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson in the year 1883. This novel gained a huge influence and created pirates as the stereotype of pop culture. 

Talking about the year 1967, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride from Disneyland became one of the most popular attractions in the entire park. Walt worked on this last attraction, Pirates, before he died, which made a lot many visitors fall victim to the plunder of the rich, detailed Caribbean world. 

However, most of the phrases that we relate to the pirates are just fiction and nothing else. But well, this doesn’t mean that you don’t go all out and celebrate the day with your friends! 


National Talk Like A Pirate Day Activities

You can celebrate the National Talk Like A Pirate Day in so many different ways. Carry out different activities to learn more about the day.

1.Talk actually like a pirate!

Well, the best way to celebrate this holiday is by actually learning a few lingos from the pirate glossary and talking like a pirate for the day!


2.Learn about the history of National Pirate Day

You can also do this day by learning what the actual history behind the National Pirate Day is. Learn about what is the truth and what is fiction about the historical pirates who had terrorized the Mediterranean and the Caribbean region.


3.Make or attend a pirate-themed event

Another way you can celebrate the day is by organizing or attending a local party with a fancy pirate theme. Check if your place has any of them. If not, just call your friends over and organize one at your home!


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