National text your ex-day

National text your ex-day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

People are usually curious to know how their exes have been doing since a split or break up. This is quite natural because the person who meant the world to you once is now completely in a different atmosphere with different people. It is wonderful to text them once a year to know about their whereabouts and life. Texting your ex-day is a platform to serve this purpose.


History of National text your ex-day


National text your ex-day is celebrated on the 30th of October every year. The technology to start this custom was there since the year 1988. However, split-ups and divorces weren’t well accepted and commonly practiced till the 1990s. In the year 2010, almost all the states of the USA introduced the law of no-fault divorce. This day is not just for divorced couples but also for any two people in a romantic relationship in the past. For married couples, national ex-spouse day is celebrated on the 14th of April annually.


How to Observe National text your ex-day


Here are a few ways to observe National text your ex-day

  1. How to begin the conversation is often the question that would hit anyone when they really want to text their ex. There are so many things that come to your mind before you come up with a text. The text should be casual yet pleasant but not too needy and disturbing. You can drop in a conversation starter message and wait for the other person to reply and take the conversation forward if they don’t respect their opinion. While reminiscing the old times, it’s important to not cling to them and make the other person feel uncomfortable about bringing it up. It is never advisable to get hung up on any memory of the past while texting your ex because it destroys the day’s entire purpose.
  2. Plan a date doesn’t always feel good and refreshing after you text your ex. It’s a great idea to go on a date and get more motivated to find someone special and more compatible with you to get over the sense of discomfort. Make sure you don’t go through the same vicious cycle as you did in the past. It’s okay to be proactive but do not get desperate about finding a partner.
  3. Throw a blasting party

Friends definitely know the key to your heart, and they can make things better instantly. Have a group of friends to whom you share everything about your relationship and your ex-day conversations with your ex on the national text. Hang out and throw a party for them.


 Why Celebrating the National text your ex-day is Important? 


You can participate in this day if you’re pretty sure that you’re not hung up on that person. If the break up has not let you lead a life in peace yet, then it’s better to stay away from contacting them. The aim of this day is to normalize things and have a light-hearted conversation that reflects on the good times you’ve been through, keeping in mind everything, including the breakup, happened for a better reason. 


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