National Underwear Day

National Underwear Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Every year on the 5th of August, National Underwear Day is observed. It is a day when people across the globe wear their favorite undergarments. It can be anything and everything that includes panties, boxers, briefs, anything which provides comfort. 

Underwear is a neat layer of clothing worn close to the body and is always under your outer cloth. The underwear works as a protective layer to protect skin from sweat, cold, heat, and chafing. In addition to it, quality underwear supports body shaping and also offers support.


History of National Underwear Day


You will be amazed to know the history of National Underwear Day. Freshpair founded this day in the year 2003. Earlier underwear is not called underwear; the term has seen a lot of transition. 

  • Middle-aged men used linen short, which was called braies. 
  • Before the 19th-century, women wore a garment piece under their dresses, and it was called a shift. 
  • The term pants came from Britain, and it was a form of the long drawer which was famous for covering legs and can be worn under trousers. 
  • Panties wear a sort of form of pants which are now prominently used by women. 
  • Underwear was meant to protect clothes from the stain of sweat. 


How to Observe National Underwear Day?


Underwears help the body to keep warm and also prevent the chafing of the skin. Now, underwears are available in many colors, patterns, and sizes. You can grab your favorite print and color underneath your dress. Here are some things to do on National Underwear Day. 

  1. Be a part of the National Underwear Day Parade. 

This is a kind of awareness creation march. Recruit the boldest and most unconventional friends who enjoy the parade in their underwear. You can also create a large community online and invite them to the National Underwear Day parade in your town.

  1. Invest in new pair of comfortable underwear

This is an evergreen way to celebrate National Underwear Day. You will be assured about having some amazing secret power underneath your cloth. 

  1. Do check out the burlesque show. 

The burlesque show is one of the prominent shows, which is 21+ events where they showcase an amazing collection of undergarments, confetti, and glitter. Treat yourself to dance and music at the burlesque show.


What Celebrating National Underwear Day is Important?


Underwear is not a random piece of clothing; it is more than that. It offers comfort and support to your body and has life-saving properties. Here is the importance of celebrating Celebrating National Underwear Day.

  1. Keep you warm 

Wearing underwear keeps your body warm and is mandatory in cold areas. It is also a vital part of winter sports, which ensures you stay warm and comfortable. Be it boxers or briefs, underwear is a must to keep your body warm. 

  1. Got you covered

The chances of a wardrobe malfunction are huge. If you are on the heavier side, then underwear is an essential clothing line.  Your underwear has got you covered for all uncomfortable situations. 

  1. Comfort

We all have to admit that underwear provides ample comfort to your body. Especially during sweaty summers, it works as a protective layer to keep your body against chaffing. 

  1. Fun 

The underwear comes in various patterns, colors, and even sizes. You can have a blast and pick the best version based on your preference.


When is National Underwear Day?


2020Aug 5
2021Aug 5
2022Aug 5
2023Aug 5


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