National Video Games Day

National Video Games Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Children and adults like video games. Children love games like Talking tom, Temple run, Tom Rider, and adults love these as they relieve stress. Video games are of different types, and each person will have their own preference. Some would play video games to pass the time; video games are the best stress relievers for some. We live in an era where there are infinite video games to give joy to us. In the present-day, it is hard to see a person who doesn’t play any video game. Most of us would have downloaded our favorite video game on our gadgets and played them infinite times.

History of National Video Games Day


The national video games day is celebrated on September 12th. It is more popular in the United States of America and a few other countries. The history of the creator and the creation of the national video games day are not documented.


History of Video Games


  • The history of video games dates back to date farther than one could imagine. In 1940, Dr. Edward Uhler Condon revealed the first game machine at the New York World’s fair. The game was based on an ancient mathematical game called the Nim.
  • The first game system for commercial home use emerged in the year 1967. Ralph Baer and his team released the brown box, and it could be connected to the Television set.
  • Since the humble start, video games have undergone a great evolution. Now, we live in an era in which video games on smartphones are the trend.


What can be done on National Video Games Day?


The best way to celebrate the day is to join together with video game lovers and play favorite games. Friends can get together after a long day at work and spend the evening playing video games. None can play video games 24/7 as it is the national video games day because it is not an official holiday. The nights and evenings after work, school, or college can be set aside to enjoy the day. The dinner after having the joy of playing video games will be amazing.


Why should we celebrate the National Video Games Day?


Video games make one think and gives joy. Some video games give a spirit of competition. The multiplayer video games are the source of joy, and it teaches the skill of getting along with the team. Video games should give enormous joy and clear the mind from stress. Some people get addicted to video games, and the routine gets disturbed. The addicted ones can pledge to limit the habit of playing video games on national video games day.

Video games should always be played in limits. It should never be an addiction. Video games should give joy and never lead to stress. Let national video games day be a reminder to play video games within limits for relieving the stress.


When is National Video Games Day?

2020Sep 12
2021Sep 12
2022Sep 12
2023Sep 12


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