National Vodka Day
Celebrated On October 4, 2020

National Vodka Day 8 days to go


Every year on October 4, the National vodka day is celebrated. Vodka is a delicious alcoholic beverage and was originally came from  Poland, Russia. It is made of water and ethanol. Vodka is a liquor usually made from fermented grains and potatoes. Vodka has a standard alcohol concentration of 40%

History of National Vodka Day

  • The history of vodka takes us back to the 14th century in Russia. Vodka is extremely popular in countries like Russia, Poland, and the Balkan . after II world war the consumption became high to increase in the United States, Europe.
  • The oldest vodka is Zubrowka it is the first vodka which was created in the 14th century and is constant now too!
  • Vodka is also known as the ladies’ drink because women usually mix vodka with sweet and sugary beverages like cocktails, lemonades. Men hate to mix sweet ingredients with their alcohol! But still, some men do love the taste.
  • Smirnoff Diageo is the world’s top-selling vodka brand. Spirytus vodka is the strongest vodka so if you consume it mix it with juice or any other base never drink it neat!
  • A monk named Isidore from Chudov Monastery in the Moscow Kremlin found a recipe of the Russian vodka. He is the first person to find vodka.
  • Absolut Peppar is the first flavored vodka in 1986. The word vodka is originated from the Russian language which means ‘little water’ because vodka is made with water and ethanol. It is also made up of wheat, rye, potato, corn, barley.


How to Celebrate National Vodka Day?

  • On this day celebrate with your loved ones mix your favorite vodka cocktail and share it with your friends and have a great day.
  • Infuse your own style of flavored vodka. It is not that cocktails are only made at bars you can do it at your home too.
  • Host a party where your guest can create their own cocktails! Get the needed ingredients to make it. 
  • Tell some fun facts on vodka and it’s discovery like
  • Vodka is not just a drink it can heal too!
  • Vodka is lighter than water
  • Go on a trip to the place where they manufacture vodka.
  • The best vodka producing countries are Poland, the Netherlands, France, Russia, the United States.
  • Buy vodka bottles and make sanitizers which are the most needed weapon for this corona land.
  • Heavy drinking of vodka is injurious to heart!
  • Russians drink a lot of vodka surveys says that they drink nearly 17.3 shots per month.
  • The Republic of Moldova is the drunkest nation in the world they nearly drink 10 liters per year! Moldova is the country which has the highest death rate due to alcohol
  • Don’t wait for holidays to share your cocktails to your family and friends 


Why Celebrating National Vodka Day is Important ?

  • Vodka is flavorless, odorless, colorless, to make it taste sweet add some fruits. Fruits that mostly contain citric acid would taste awesome.
  • Vodkas even cure jellyfish stings, poison ivy, repel bugs, make your hair shine, keep your windows clean, even keeps the flowers fresh. The uses of vodka are awesome! 
  • ‘If life gives you lemon then add some vodka!’
  • ‘Save water drink vodka!’


When is National Vodka Day?

2020Oct 4
2021Oct 4
2022Oct 4
2023Oct 4


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