National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day 2024

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

The color red symbolizes the spirit. The bright red makes us feel energetic. The color red is associated with blood. Blood is the vital fluid in our system, and we must know its importance. The color red could spread positive vibrations. The blood does a lot, and the arteries and veins do their job for the heart. The red heart is a symbol of love. The heart must be loved. Wear red day is celebrated to promote awareness about the care we must give to our hearts. The day is celebrated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a few other countries in the American and European continents.

History of National Wear Red Day

National wear red day is celebrated by wearing a red dress to promote awareness of heart diseases. The day is dedicated to the awareness of heart diseases that affect women. The national wear red day was an initiative of the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in the year 2002. The national wear red day was started to create awareness about women’s heart health, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, heart attack, and CVS health; all these are the major cause of death after COVID-19. The primary goal of going red for Women is to create heart disease awareness and go red for Women to raise awareness through the American heart association.

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Historical Facts on National Wear Red Day

  1. The American heart association celebrates the national wear of red on the 1st Friday of February.
  2. The day was created to bring greater attention to cardiovascular disease affecting women. Heart disease and stroke are common among women, and heart health awareness is necessary. Hence go red for Women’s American heart month appeared on the first Friday in February.
  3. In the United States of America, an awareness campaign called the heart truth is a national heart, lung, and blood institute. It was designed to warn women of the danger that could happen to their hearts.
  4. In the United Kingdom, threats are common; a Yorkshire-based charity organization raises awareness of coronary heart disease and stroke through the Children’s heart surgery fund.

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What should we do on National Wear Red Day?

  1. As the day’s code is to wear red, we must wear a beautiful red dress and care for our hearts. It would be nice to prevent than cure. It is a good idea to send cards on the importance of caring for the heart to the woman you care for. You can also spread about heart disease on social media among people to share the risk of heart disease among women.
  2. The funds for caring for the ones affected by heart disease can be collected on this day. We must participate in events and campaigns to create awareness of heart health.
  3. We can have a complete physical check and ensure our heart’s well-being on national wear red day. Spread the word about going red on social media on the first Friday to raise awareness about health threats. The American heart association organizes events till Feb 5 to rule out the risk of heart disease on National Wear Red Day.

Why should we celebrate National Wear Red Day?

  1. The population of men and women getting affected due to diseases related to the heart is on the rise. National wear red day must be celebrated to create awareness of proper diet and exercises that should be followed as a routine.
  2. Women need to put extra care into their hearts. Women are naturally prone to stress. Wear red day must be celebrated to impart the importance of their heart to the women.

Health is essential to be happy. Our hearts must be happy and free of diseases. On celebrating the day by wearing red, let us know the right care we must give for our hearts and for the heart of our loved ones.

When is National Wear Red Day?

2023Feb 3Friday
2024Feb 2Friday
2025Feb 7Friday

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