Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day 2024

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Squirrels are amazing creatures, and they are tree-dwelling rodents. They do the wonderful job of planting the seeds of the fruits they eat, which grows to be amazing tree. They aren’t actually a nuisance as some people think, so they deserve an appreciation for what they do to keep the environment sustainable for generations. The squirrel appreciation day is observed on January 21st annually. It is an international celebration.


History of Squirrel Appreciation Day


Christy Hargrove created the squirrel appreciation day from Asheville, North Carolina, in the year 2001. She is a wildlife rehabilitation specialist. She created the day to encourage people to be kind towards the squirrels.

  • Squirrels are categorized as tree squirrels, ground squirrels, and flying squirrels according to their types. The integrated taxonomic information system has said there are over 200 species of squirrels.
  • There are multiple categories of squirrels that include Antelope, Spotted, Gray, American Red, Douglas, Fox, Pygmy, Northern Flying, Souther, Arizona Gray, Idaho, Albino, Mountain Tree,  Arctic Ground, Albert’s, Franklin, Richardson, Rock, White, and Black. 
  • The African Pygmy is the smallest species of squirrel. It measures 5 inches in length and 0.6 ounces in weight.
  • The largest species of squirrel is a giant black squirrel. It could measure about 3 feet in height and weigh 3 pounds.
  • The studies on squirrels say that they are very intelligent and they can use the previously learned experiences to solve present-day problems as humans do.
  • A group of squirrels is called scurry.
  • The squirrels’ burry acorns to eat later, but they forget to eat. So, there are billions of Oak trees around the world.


How to Celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day 2023?


  • The purpose of the day is to create awareness among the masses. Those who know about the international squirrel appreciation day must create a buzz on their social media sites.
  • The habit of offering water and food to the squirrels in our locality must be a daily habit. The awareness regarding it can spread among our friends and family on the squirrel appreciation day.
  • The wild live enthusiast can go on a campy into the forest to observe squirrels’ habits and click amazing photography.
  • If there are kids at home or in the locality, they can be gathered, and competitions related to creating knowledge about squirrels can be held.


Why is it Important to Celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day?


Squirrels are the amazing regenerators of the forest. The species of squirrels must be preserved as they sustain the environment. The day must be celebrated to create awareness about the need to preserve squirrels. The day should be celebrated to meet the purpose with which it was created. If the day is observed, the importance of conservation of the species will be spread around the world.

Squirrels help in sustaining the food chain, and they play a vital role in saving the environment. They should get the best environment that they deserve. Squirrels are tiny, but they light up dawn with their beautiful voice. Let the squirrels deserve the best appreciation.


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