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Sweetest Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Every year October 17, the Sweetest Day is celebrated; it is celebrated on the 3rd Saturday of October.  This day is filled with happiness and love! Valentine’s day is celebrated only once a year. The sweetest day also means the same. Sweetest Day and Valentine’s day are the same.


History of Sweetest Day


  • Around 1922 Herbert Birch Kingston established Sweetest day, who worked at Ohio candy company, Cleveland.
  • Herbert Birch Kingstone established this day for the people who were unable to live a happy life. Like people who were poor and needy, orphans, people who were excepted from the community, and many more.
  • It is also known that the sweetest day is meant for men, where women can show their love towards their boyfriend or husband by buying gifts for them and make them feel special.
  • On this day, people also show love towards their neighbors by buying gifts and thanking them. Because when we are in urgent need, our neighbors help us.
  • On the first sweetest day, Cleveland’s Ohio chocolate company distributed more than 20,000 boxes of candies to the whole city!
  • Sweetest day is mostly celebrated in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin.


How to celebrate Sweetest Day


Here are some best ways to celebrate Sweetest Day

  • Throw a surprise party for the sweetest person in your life, make them feel special, more than that, showing love and kindness is too important!
  • On this day, go for a walk on your way; if you find any people who are poor, orphan, are separated from society, show love to them, get a candy box and greet them, that they may come to know there is someone who shows love, that can change their life!
  • Get some gifts for your neighbors, and greet them to make them feel happy, spend time together.
  • On this day, go to a nursing home, show love to them and get blessings, spend time with them, listen to their life story, and how they overcame all the obstacles in their life successfully.
  • This is a very romantic day for the ones who are in a relationship or married! This day is specially meant for men, so buy something that your better half always wanted, or take him on a trip which he always wanted to go. Make him feel special! Buy gifts for him show your love to him to the fullest for how much he has cared for and safeguarded you! Be thankful!


Why it is important to celebrate Sweetest Day 


On this day, we get time to spend with our loved ones, family, friends. It is the best day to socialize with people who need love and kindness because treating people with kindness is the best way of living.

  • It is an ideal day to build ourselves stronger by knowing how people have successfully lived their lives where they also had many problems to face in their lives to reach the level. 
  • On this day, take the initiative to build the relationships stronger with family and folks.
  • There are many people who are discouraged on the basis of their skin tone, character, gender, so go and encourage them and support them with love. 


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