Teachers Appreciation Week

Teachers Appreciation Week 2023

Last Updated on April 2, 2023

Teachers are students’ support systems, guides, life coaches, role models, mentors, caregivers, problem solvers, etc. Teachers’ journey in school is very important, and Teachers Appreciation Week is celebrated to make it more memorable. Teachers, students, and parents come together and celebrate the teachers and their contribution to the school for an entire week (the first week of May).  

History of  Teachers Appreciation Week

History of Teachers Appreciation Week

It all started in 1953, and Eleanor Roosevelt played an important role in Teachers Appreciation Week’s origination. It was said that a teacher from Arkansas wrote a letter to Eleanor Roosevelt to form a day, especially to honor the teachers. She understood its importance and convinced Congress that teachers must be recognized and respected. But it took 27 years for this to become official. In 1980, the National Education Association, Indiana Boards of Education’s joint efforts, and Congress made this day to be nationally recognized. Initially, National Teacher day was celebrated on March 7th, 1984. Then it was changed to May. Instead of one day, they made the whole first week of May to be Teachers Appreciation Week. 

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How to observe Teachers Appreciation Week?

How To Observe Teachers appreciation week

  • The school can be decorated exclusively for this week. Banners, posters created by students, and photographs of the teachers can be hung. A giant thank you card can be displayed, and every one can convey their thanks by writing in that. A makeover for the teachers’ lounge can be done by painting it and buying new furniture. Flowers, snacks, and beverages can be placed in the lounge. 
  • A special meal can be organized in the school community. Teachers, parents, students, alumni members, and board members can come together for this meal. Everyone can share their experiences with teachers and other special messages with the group. 
  • A small token of appreciation like books, gift cards, handmade products, mugs, bookmarks, and some homemade cookies, and cakes can be given to the teachers. 
  • Certificates of appreciation and awards can be presented to teachers for their contribution to the school community. 
  • Throughout the week, teachers’ profiles can be featured weekly on school boards. It can include the teachers’ hobbies, philosophy of education, and stories of their accomplishments. 
  • Small group activities, contests, and games can be conducted for the teachers to lighten up the mood. Students can even perform skits, and interviews with teachers can be done. 
  • In Social media, this day can be popularized by creating event pages on Facebook and Instagram. Activities and photos can be shared on this page.

Importance of observing Teachers Appreciation Week 

Importance of Teachers appreciation week

Teachers are essential to the school community, and their contributions must be recognized and respected. The students will also get a chance to understand their teachers’ life. Thus it will strengthen the teacher-student relationship. The teachers also get to engage with their colleagues, students, and even students’ parents. This makes the teachers achieve more and reach great heights in their life. Make the most of Teachers Appreciation Week to showcase how much you care and respect your teachers. 

When is Teachers Appreciation Week?

2023May 8-12
2024May 6-10
2025May 5-9

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