World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donor Day 2023

The world blood donor day is observed on June 14, and the objective of this day is to celebrate the donors and also to raise awareness about blood donation. Blood donation is a significant thing in saving a person’s life; from plasma treatments to research and emergency uses, blood donation plays a major role. Not only doctors but every individual can also save others’ lives by donating blood, and those who are saving others’ lives are equal to God. Blood donation is an opportunity for everyone to be a God. You can donate as a volunteer in a blood donation camp or to a blood bank, or even directly at the hospital when a person is in need.

History of World Blood Donor Day


  • April 7, 2000

The theme of the “world health day” in 2000 was “safe blood starts with me.” 

  • May 2005

During the 58th world health assembly, world blood donor day was created and implemented. 

  • June 11, 2009

The Melbourne deceleration was established, set up the goal for all the countries to obtain all the blood supplies from the voluntary unpaid donors. 

  • December 6, 2013

The record-breaking and record-making blood donation drive was held where nearly 60,000 participants donated blood all over India.


Activities to do on World Blood Donor Day


  • Donate Blood

You need only one hour (maximum) to participate in this life-saving activity. If you are eligible, then donate your blood and start to save a life. The medical professionals will check you to make sure that you are healthy enough to donate blood, then they will start the process (it actually takes 15 minutes maximum). After the blood donation process, you will get a snack and refreshment to make yourself ready for a normal life.

  • Create Awareness

If you are not eligible for blood donation or if you do not have time for blood donation, do not worry. You can still have the chance to save other’s life. Create awareness about the world blood donor’s day, impact, and importance of blood donation to your friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members, and even to your social media followers. Because many people are not aware of the importance of blood donation, and they do not know how easy it is to spread words and make future donors.

  • Find an event near you.

Search online and find an event near you regarding world blood donor day. Many hospitals, blood centers, and volunteers set up special fun events (like rallies) for world blood donor day, find where it is happening, and be a part of it. 


Why is World Blood Donor Day Important?


  • Saves life

Many lives are ending because of inadequate blood. To stop this and to save lives, blood donation is important. It supports a wide variety of medical needs like surgeries.

  • Dual Benefits

Blood donation does not only save other’s life; actually, blood donation has dual benefits; one is you can save the other person’s life, and another one is it benefits you. Many studies have proven that blood donation reduces cancer risk and hemochromatosis and reduces the risk of damage to the liver and pancreas. It will also help to promote your cardiovascular health and helps in weight control.


When is World Blood Donor Day?

2020June 14
2021June 14
2022June 14
2023June 14


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