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World Radio Day 2024

Last Updated on November 14, 2023

Radio has been the instrument of mass communication before the advent of Television. Now we have FM on our mobile, and the long journey in the car is awesome as we hear the songs played on the FM. The radio jockeys do a wonderful job of entertaining us in the best possible way.

Radio has not lost its significance though the technology has evolved. Radio reaches the widest audience in the world. The significant communication medium has a day to celebrate, and the United Nations recognize the day.

The History of the World Radio Day

The proclamation for establishing world radio day was given in the year 2011 at the 36th session of UNESCO’s general conference. It was unanimously endorsed by the United Nations general assembly in the year 2012.

Few Historical Facts on World Radio Day That will Amaze You

  • The Spanish Radio Academy requested a world radio day. Following the request, Spain proposes that UNESCO Executive Board include an agenda item on world radio day’s proclamation. Both United Nations and UNESCO general assembly represented and heard freedom of expression via radio programs.
  • UNESCO approved the agenda for the proclamation of world radio day on 29th September 2011. All member states unanimously proclaimed it in November 2011.
  • The United Nations radio was established on February 13, 1946. So, February 13 was selected to celebrate world radio day.
  • The international radio committee was created after the proclamation of world radio day in 2012. As per UNESCO and the united nations, radio works as a medium to provide freedom of expression and information.
  • The UNESCO(United Nations Educational, scientific, and cultural organization )celebrates world radio day by planning activities with broadcasters, organizations, and communities worldwide.
  • UNESCO will celebrate the 12th edition of world radio day in the year 2023.
  • The theme of world radio day 2023 was ‘Radio and Peace.’

What is the importance of World Radio Day?

World radio day is significant because it tells the importance of radio to people worldwide. Every year a theme is selected to celebrate world radio day. World radio day is important as it promotes the role that the radio play during times of emergency. Radio Day is celebrated across all the radio stations to promote the unique value of the radio to people around the world. Member states of UNESCO appreciate the day by spreading the history and information of this date on Facebook.

Radio broadcasters are not an information provider in United Nations, but it is also a source of entertainment for people. World radio day 2021 promotes the significance the radio programs play in radio stations in creating awareness and freedom of speech on any issues concerning the world.

What can we do on World Radio Day?

World new radio day is celebrated in United Nations to promote awareness about radio’s role in our life. It shouldn’t be a serious celebration for the entire day. The member states of UNESCO are also part of the de la Radio and consider radio to make world changes. This international day adapts to new technologies by radio stations, including broadcasting associations, dialogue tolerance and peace, barrier gestures, the resilience of radio, societal transformations, and the incorporation of new technologies. We can enjoy the day by adapting to new technologies by turning to our favorite FM by traveling on the roads. Radio ensures mobility accessible everywhere; radio made it possible to share information with mass. Radio broadcasting was a medium of communication to fight against misinformation. Radio is everywhere, and to everyone, it is a widely consumed medium and also the go-to medium in our lives. We can relax for an hour listening to our favorite show on this day. If we have a radio jockey friend, sending a card appreciating their wonderful effort will be nice. Enjoy the community radio, which contributes to world changes and shares details about disasters, socio-economic crises, and natural disasters socio-economic by working as an excellent medium of mobility accessible for the world changes.

When is World Radio Day?

2023Feb 13Monday
2024Feb 13Tuesday
2025Feb 13Thursday

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