World Social Media Day

World Social Media Day 2023

Last Updated on May 25, 2023

The very famous world Social Media Day is celebrated on the 30th of June each year. It is a global day that is being celebrated all over the globe with great enthusiasm. It is an important day to celebrate because social media has helped individuals connect with each other and is an excellent source for businesses to expand and serve many audiences across the globe. 

In today’s techno-savvy world, Social media networks are a savior to connecting with people, family, and friends. With just a few taps and clicks, anyone can effortlessly connect to their family; the same goes for the business. 

History of Social Media

History of World Social Media Day

Today, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are considered famous social media platforms, but let us have a quick history of social media.

  • In the 20th century, Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis first mentioned Usenet; it allows people to post new posts and articles online on a newsgroup.
  • During the 1970s, Bulletin board systems came into the picture. It allowed users to connect and was considered a famous social media platform until the 1990s.
  • In 1988, Internet Relay Chat was popularly used for sharing files, and links, and staying in touch. Programs were made used to enable instant messaging.
  • The first social media platform was launched in the year 1997, and it was called Six degrees. 
  • The advanced levels of social media started in the year 2000 when Friendster was launched. It was the year 2002 when they saw millions of users creating an account on Friendster.
  • LinkedIn came into existence in 2003 and was extensively used for business. 
  • Facebook was launched in the year 2004 ad was popular by 2008. It is a rapidly growing social media network where people post several contents almost daily.

How to observe world social media day

The best way to be on social media in today’s world is to post something on an online platform. Here are multiple ways to observe and celebrate national social media day. 

  • Join some online group conversations.
  • Participate in a Tweet Chat.
  • Host or guest on a Facebook / Instagram / YouTube Live Video.
  • Share some quotes or content from your favorite social media network.
  • Post your first profile picture on social media and share it with your friends. 
  • Virtual meet all your online friends and celebrate the day with great spirit. 
  • Connect with your lost friends via the social media site and spread love.

Why Celebrating Social media day is important. 

Social media is how we connect with people worldwide simply and quickly. Social media sites play a vital role in our everyday. Be it reading everyday updates, news, about a pandemic, or about global news. Social media helps them spread the message in a fast way. In addition to it, social media is a low-cost network that connects a wide audience and is available within just a few taps. 

When is World Social Media Day?

2020June 30
2021June 30
2022June 30
2023June 30

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