International mountain day

International Mountain Day 2023

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

The magnificent mountain has the power to bring back instant happiness to your soul; they are vital for our lives. More than half of our humankind depends on the mountain for freshwater, plantation, and energy.

There is a special day dedicated to these spectacular beauties; 11th December is celebrated as International Mountain Day. It is much needed because of the overexploitation of natural resources. Moreover, the climate is changing, and mountain glaciers are melting.


History of International Mountain Day

Mountains are curial for the human race; the increase in exploitation, pollution, and global warming is taking a toll on mountains. This eventually is leading to extreme climatic changes, land degradation, natural calamities. It is said that 1 out of every 3 mountains is facing isolation and degradation.

Mountain matters a lot; International Mountain Day is dedicated especially to address the issue of global climatic changes and threats associated with mountains.


Historical facts associated with International Mountain Day

  1. The International Mountain Day was first celebrated on 11th December 1992. The FAO coordinated the celebration of International Mountain Day.
  2. The United Nations General Assembly designated it in the year 2003 with the focus to preserve and safeguard mountains.
  3. International Mountain Day’s primary focus is to encourage the international community to organize awareness events and highlight sustainable living.

International Mountain Day should be celebrated; it encourages the people to promote the conservation and suitable use of resources, especially for the mountain area. The day focuses on raising awareness about mountains, ecosystems, surrounded problems, disaster management, etc.


What to do on International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day’s primary agenda is to raise awareness about growth in the mountain populations, address them, and take preventive measures. It is also important to include mountain people in the decision-making process. It is a day when people should take help of social media and promote sustainable living. Use the #MountainsMatter hashtag and be a part of preserving mountains.


Why Must We Celebrate International Mountain Day?

  1. Mountains are a major source of freshwater. It works as a water tower to prevent future water scarcity; hence mountains should be preserved.
  2. The exploitation of mountains can lead to climatic variation and trigger natural calamities. Taking good care of the mountain helps in disaster reduction.
  3. Mountains contribute majorly to agricultural biodiversity; it is the home for many vegetations like rice, tomatoes, barley, etc.
  4. Mountains are beautiful landscapes; the next generation should cherish these magnificent beauties.
  5. Many mountains have great histories and possess some precious ancient culture, language, and tradition. Celebration of International Mountain Day communicates why mountains matter the most.

International Mountain Day’s realistic focus is to identify the challenges and find workable ways to preserve mountains. Better sustainability opportunities can bring benefits to mountains as well as people staying in nearby communities. It will eradicate poverty without exploiting the natural resources. Additionally, fragile mountain ecosystems will remain safe and secure. Celebrate the day with your friends and community to create awareness.


When is International Mountain Day?

2023Dec 11Monday
2024Dec 11Wednesday
2025Dec 11Thursday


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