Calendar of National Days 2023

Learn more about the national days that will be especially exciting to know and celebrate! Check out the list below to see what’s coming up in the year 2023 month-wise.

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What National Day is it Today 2023

A Dedicated section to keeping you informed on what national days is it today that are recognized in USA and globally. Here, you will find a comprehensive list of important national days, holidays, and observances. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific national day or just curious about what’s happening today and tomorrow, This section has you covered. Stay informed and celebrate with us!

1March 1stNational Horse Protection Day
2March 1stNational Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
3March 1stWorld Music Therapy Day
4March 2ndNational Old Stuff Day
5March 2ndNational Banana Cream Pie Day
6March 3rd National Anthem Day
7March 3rdNational Cold Cuts Day
8March 4thNational Grammar Day
9March 4thNational Pound Cake Day
10March 5thNational Cheese Doodle Day
11March 5thNational Absinthe Day
12March 5thNational Unplugging Day
13March 6thNational Oreo Cookie Day
14March 6thNational Dentist Day
15March 6thNational Dress Day
16March 7thNational Cereal Day
17March 7thNational Flapjack Day
18March 7thNational Be Heard Day
19March 8thNational Proofreading Day
20March 8thWorld Maths Day
21March 8thBe Nasty Day
22March 8thInternational Women’s Day
23March 9thNational Barbie Day
24March 9thNational Meat Ball Day
25March 9thPanic Day
26March 10thNational Ranch Day
27March 10thNational Mario Day
28March 10thNational Skirt Day
29March 10thNational Pack Your Lunch Day
30March 11thNational Promposal Day

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a national day and how is it different from a national holiday?

A national day is a day designated by a government to commemorate or celebrate a specific event or aspect of a country's culture or history. On the other hand, a national holiday is a day set aside by the government for citizens to have a day off work or school.

How many national days are there in US?

The United States has a number of national holidays and observances throughout the year, but the number can vary depending on how you define a "national day." According to the United States Federal Government, there are 11 official national holidays

What is the most important national day in America?

In the United States, several national holidays are considered important, each one with its own significance. However, some of the most important national days in the U.S. are, Independence Day, Memorial Day (Last Monday in May), Veterans Day (November 11th), Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Third Monday in January), and Labor Day (First Monday in September). The importance of the national days varies depending on the person, some might see one day as more significant than others, but these days are widely recognized as important by most Americans.

How do different countries celebrate their national days?

National days are celebrated differently in different countries, depending on the culture and traditions of the country. However, common ways to celebrate include parades, flag-raising ceremonies, and cultural festivals.
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