National Bacon Day

National Bacon Day 2023

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Bacon is a type of salt-cured pork. It has popular in the European and the American continent. There is an international and national day for Bacon. The celebration of the National Bacon day varies from one culture to another. Bacon is really yummy in any form. The taste buds will melt when the name Bacon cheeseburgers reach the ears of some. Bacon pizzas are the most desired recipe around the world. Now, Bacon milkshakes are also getting famous around the world.

The recipe of Bacon has a long and beautiful history. The national Bacon day falls on December 30th in the United States of America and a few other countries In the American and the European continent.

There is a controversy on celebrating bacon day due to the mercy that has to be shown for the animals, but everything within limits is good. So, consume within limits so that the species doesn’t get extinct. The industry producing the best products out of pork also survives just because there are consumers.


History of the bacon day

It is said that the trend of celebrating national Bacon day was started in 1997. The trend was started by people called Danya “D” Goodman and Meff Human cannonball. The day is followed to have a wonderful get together with friends and family and taste the best bacon.


Historical facts about the bacon day

  1. It is said the founders of the national bacon day encouraged people to observe the day by watching the Kevin Bacon movies.
  2. The national bacon day is a tribute to bacon obsessed person called Homer Simpson.
  3. History says that the first bacon was known to come from the Romans, and it was known as the Petaaso.


What should we do on national Bacon day?

A party can be arranged with friends and family to have delicious bacon on national bacon day.

Those who love cooking can take best efforts to cook the best bacon recipes and serve it to friends and family.


Why should we celebrate national bacon day?

  1. Bacon is delicious, and on having a national day for it, the trend of cooking and having the best bacon will never be forgotten.
  2. National Bacon day will be a credit to all the restaurants specializing in serving Bacon the best way.
  3. Though it could be seen that killing and eating pork is merciless, on national bacon day, the positive side of consuming the bacon is considered.
  4. Bacon has a long history, and it is nice to remember that on national Bacon day.
  5. The people who love pork will enjoy the best and try new Bacon recipes if a day is dedicated to it.

It would be awesome to cook the best bacon on national bacon day and enjoy it. It will nice to light the mood with bacon on the day dedicated to the celebrations of the Bacon. The ones who are not into cooking can head to the best restaurant with family or friends and enjoy the best Bacon.


When is National Bacon Day?

2023Dec 30Saturday
2024Dec 30Monday
2025Dec 30Tuesday


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