National Bird Day
Celebrated On January 5, 2021

National Bird Day 85 days to go

The chirp of the bird is amazing to hear. Birds are a wonderful species. There are many varieties of birds living in this world. Birds make the morning and evening splendid.

There is a day to celebrate the birds around the world. Feathered friends make our life beautiful. The day dedicated to celebrating the bird falls on Januar 5th . The national bird day is celebrated in the United States and a few other countries. It is wonderful to be aware of various species of birds by observing a day for them.


History of the national bird day

The national bird does not have a long history with respect to the celebration. The national bird is celebrated since 2002. The importance of the day was called fall due to the rapid decrease in the few species of birds. So, the day was started to bring awareness of the unfriendly activities that could harm the birds.


Historical facts on national bird day

  1. The Avian welfare and born free USA stated proposed to observe the national bird day in 2002 to draw an attention towards the birds.
  2. It is said that nearly 12% of the birds around the world are on the verge of extinction. The day was found with the purpose of spreading the need of the birds in our ecosystem.
  3. The national bird was set up on January 5th so that the day coincides with annual Christmas bird count.


What should we do on national bird day?

It would be a nice idea to have a get together with friend and family and get involved in the activity of bird watching.

The main aim of observing a day for the bird is to save them from getting extinct. It is essential to tell the importance of birds to the future generation. It would be amazing to make the children participate in different activities conducted on the national bird day. Activities should enlighten about the birds to the children.

Birds love nature. Bit, if you are a lover of bird and would like to cage it in the best environment you can adopt a bird.


Why should we celebrate national bird day?

  • The data from the various department in the government and the non-governmental organization say that several species of birds are getting extinct. It is necessary to celebrate a day to save the wonderful species of birds from getting extinct.
  • There are many species of birds around the world. Birds have a unique lifestyle. Some birds migrate to other continents. On observing a national bird day we could learn a lot about various birds in the world.
  • Birds should be under threat. Where several species get extinct ecosystem will get imbalanced. By observing a day for bird we will learn to be sensitive to the need of the birds and be friendly to them.
  • Feathered friends are wonderful part of our ecosystem. Let’s make the life of the feathered friends wonderful by observing a day and creating an environment which is friendlier for them.


When is National Bird Day?

2020Jan 5
2021Jan 5
2022Jan 5
2023Jan 5


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