National Cereal Day

National Cereal Day 2024

Last Updated on November 28, 2023

Cereals provide a lot of health benefits, and they should be included in our daily diet. Cereal could be an addition to breakfast, or it could be a bedtime snack. Breakfast cereals and cornflakes can energize the mind and body. Cereals provide a lot of proteins, and it has got vitamins. Cereals must be included in the children’s diet for their healthy growth, and it is also one of the popular breakfast food along with cinnamon toast crunch. Many innovative and tasty recipes could be made using cereals; you can give your twist by using sweetened cereal, frosted flakes, grape nuts, and creating your own invention. Cereals make us healthy and deserve a day on which it should be celebrated. The John Harvey Kellogg breakfast cereal is an all-time favorite for people. Cereal day, March 7, is celebrated with great enthusiasm as it is considered healthy food.

History of national cereal day

History of National Cereal Day

Cereal has been a popular food among Americans since the 19th century, so the trend of celebrating national cereal day March would have started sometime during the 19th century or after that. It is known that the national day of cereal is celebrated on March 7 annually in the United States of America and a few other countries. There is a long history of breakfast cereal, but there isn’t much evidence on who started the national cereal day in March and when it started.

Few historical facts about cereals

The cereal day March 7 revolution was created by Ferdinand Schumacher, an immigrant from Germany living in America. His company, the German Mills American Oatmeal Company, was the first commercial oatmeal company in the USA. Along with the Will Keith Kellogg brothers, John Kellogg is also the famous producer of sweetened cereal brands. Many grocery stores have cartoon characters promoting cereal sales. The wheat bowl of cereal is super healthy and was preferred during the civil war.

The first breakfast cereal, called the Granula, was invented in the United States in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson.

Now Kellogg’s is the most popular brand among cereals. Dr. Jhon Harvey Kellogg experiments with Granula, and he got his patent in 1991. He boiled wheat, rolled it into thin films, and baked the resulting flakes in the oven. The cornflakes were launched into the market in 1895.

In 1898 Charles W. Post introduced Grape nuts, and soon the post toasties were invented.

As Kellogg’s cornflakes and post toasties became famous, the city of Battle Creek Sanitarium, Michigan, is nicknamed the “cereal capital of the world.” The city of Battle Creek celebrates the big day on March 7 with great enthusiasm.

What should we do on national cereal day?

Cereal is a health product that the entire family should have. The entire family should gather together on national cereal day to have a bowl and spoon for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The best way to make a tribute to national cereal day is to make a yummy recipe out of cereal and share the same with friends and family. Grab a bowl of wheat cereals along with eggs, sausage, granose, shredded wheat, milk, and bacon for breakfast and start the day healthy. Spread the word about healthy eating on Twitter and via TV ads about cereal.

Why should we celebrate national cereal day?

Cereals have got a long history. Cereals are good for health, whether we toil and make a bowl of cereal naturally and traditionally or grab a packet from the market and a cup of boiled milk to relish it. The day should be celebrated to pay tribute to the makers of cereals.

Cereal is popular all over the world. The recipe that involves cereal usage may differ, but the health benefit received from cereal is the same around the world. The awareness of including cereal in the daily diet must be spread on national cereal day.

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