National Croissant Day
Celebrated On January 30, 2021

National Croissant Day 74 days to go

How long until National Croissant Day
National Croissant Day next takes place in 74 days.
Dates of National Croissant Day
In 2021, it is celebrated on January 30th
In 2022, it is celebrated on January 30th
In 2023, it is celebrated on January 30th
In 2024, it is celebrated on January 30th

Croissant is one of the snacks that have nutritious value in it, and this dish probably takes a stand to any healthy snacks because of its protein value and vitamins. This delicate pastry is loved mostly by all over the world, and has different flavors and tasted all across the globe. The feel it gives is heavenly after you have the first bite. This day is celebrated on January 30.

There are varieties in this delicacy. It has laid the foundation for one of the treats known as puffs. What belongs to the same category is the croissant. So, people across the globe take a day to celebrate the mouth-watering food by giving it an unofficial holiday for the croissants.


History of Croissant Day


The croissant is said to be a French pastry, but that is not because it originated from Austria. And it was made into what it is by the French bakers. During the origin of this grub, It has a certain ancestor that is named ”Kipferl.” It is a crescent-shaped sweet that looks just like a croissant.

The Kipferl is named as a morning snack, which is taken after breakfast. Marie Antoinette was the first to introduce this dish to France. When she got married to the royal family in the shape of her homeland, She requested a crescent-shaped pastry, which gave birth to the croissants. In France, it was added to the cuisine.


Why is Croissant Day Celebrated?


It is celebrated to be generous and help the community, to be united on this day. This day is considered a thanksgiving day for their favorite pastry through all these decades. And remember the day it was created and the reason behind it. These are the parts that make these puffs a special item to celebrate. It is celebrated to know about the different varieties and explore new sweet or salty puffs. Other than that, This day is useful for everyone to connect with families and friends to spend some time with their loved ones and have some happy memories in their lifetime.


How to Celebrate?


  • The U.S celebrates this day annually on January 30. And a vast majority of the population also celebrates this day.
  • This day is celebrated by making this snack with different sweets. Because it was made with different fillings inside just like chocolate cookies or candies, but baked, which makes the difference.
  • This day can be celebrated by helping the homeless and helping the needy.
  • The layers inside it can be filled according to the baker’s wish and can bring suspense to the customers if celebrated in a shop.
  • The creamy layer makes the difference in families too, and that is what makes this day a fun day to celebrate. Try baking some new croissants with a new taste and test them with the family members.
  • This day spreads happiness and joy all over the world. And who doesn’t like a dish like this? So, get a taste of every flavor on this special occasion and be creative in cooking.


When is National Croissant Day?

2020Jan 30
2021Jan 30
2022Jan 30
2023Jan 30


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