National Dog Day

National Dog Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Every year August 26 is observed as the national dog day, and this is the day to celebrate our faithful companion in the best way. The dog has been with the human for more than 14,000 years. Dogs are not just dogs; they play with us, they play many important roles in our lives, they protect us, and they boost our physical and mental health. In fact, in the existing living beings, dogs are the purest soul that can express unconditional love. Dogs may damage your footwear but never your heart. They will obey your commands, and even if you are yelling at them and then calling them after a while, they will come with a heart full of love. 

History of the National Dog Day

Colleen Paige (a Pet and Family Lifestyle Expert and an Animal Advocate) created this national dog day in 2004. She created this day to encourage adaptation and to celebrate the heroism of every dog. She chose August 26 because it is the day her family adapted her Shelty when she was 10. And she encourages the persons (who wanted to buy dogs) to get dogs from an adaption shelter instead of buying them from stores. And now, national dog day is celebrated all over the world.


Activities to do on the National Dog Day


  • Adopt a dog

If you are thinking for a while about getting a dog, then do it on this national dog day. Go to a local shelter and look for your new best friend or adopt a puppy that does not have a family. 

  • Take your faithful friend outside.

There are lots of pet-friendly restaurants and other places, so on this national dog day, bring your furry friend somewhere. Call your friends and their pets, bring them to a restaurant and get them something delicious. Also, let your furry friend play with your friend’s pet.

  • Show love to your pup.

The national dog day has to bring extra love, affection, and care for your dog. Give them their favorite treat, take them for a long time, pet them, and play with them. Dogs deserve extra love, care, etc. They entertain us, play with us, and especially they protect us. So give everything that your dog deserves. You can also gift a toy for your pup that they will love.


Why Everyone Loves National Dog Day?


  • Dogs keep us healthy.

Many studies have found that dogs can sense human emotion. And many people have experienced that their dog tries to make them happy when they are feeling down. By playing with your dog and by walking with your dog, you can feel so fresh. And your dogs keep you healthy physically as well as mentally.

  • The best source of unconditional love

The dog does not expect anything from you; they will simply love you. In fact, dogs love us more than they love themselves. They will always be happy to see us, and dogs will risk their lives to protect the owner. 

  • They make our life whole.

Without a dog, your wallet may be full, the house may be clean, but your life will not be whole, and your heart will be empty. Dogs make human life whole by their giving us their love, playing, guarding, etc. And we can easily say there is no better companion exists than a dog.


When is National Dog Day?

2020Aug 26
2021Aug 26
2022Aug 26
2023Aug 26


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