National Egg Day

National Egg Day 2023

Last Updated on April 9, 2023

From Humpty Dumpty to Easter eggs, it is no doubt that we humans are obsessed with eggs. Why? Some of the world’s greatest mysteries surround eggs, like: ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ Eggs are such a great source of nutrition, and some vegetarians even consider consuming them, and to avoid conflict, call themselves eggetarians. Eggs are such a rich source of protein and are considered an essential part of the diet. So it is no doubt that most of us love eggs. National Egg Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States of America. It falls on the 3rd of June each year. This article has everything that you need to know about National Egg Day. 

The History behind the National Egg day

History of National Egg day

While the history behind National Egg Day’s inception remains a mystery today, it hasn’t stopped this celebration from growing yearly. Eggs have captured an important place in man’s heart. Undeniably, scrambled eggs and bacon are from the traditional American breakfast (other than pancakes and syrup or cereal). In 2000, the American Heart Association released a statement that eggs’ health benefits outweighed the concern that eggs are a source of high cholesterol. In fact, they stated that an egg a day provides a healthy amount of cholesterol that a person needs. 

Facts about Eggs

Here are some amazing facts about eggs and what truly makes them special:

  1. Eggs are generally consumed scrambled, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, sunny-side-up, fried, and poached.
  2. The average chicken egg contains 75 calories and 7 grams of protein. Due to its amazing calorie-to-protein ratio, it is considered a superfood. In other words, it is very healthy!
  3. Eggs are naturally a great source of Vitamin D.
  4. An average hen lays between 300 to 325 eggs in a year.
  5. It takes 24-26 hours for a hen to produce an egg.
  6. As the hen grows older, the size of its egg increases. 
  7. One can determine a hen’s diet based on the color of the yolk of its eggs.
  8. The earlobes of a chicken can predict the color of the eggs that it will lay; hens with white earlobes lay white eggs, and those with red or brown earlobes lay brown eggs.

How to celebrate National Egg day?

Celebrate National Egg Day by:

  1. Creating egg-shell art
  2. Making a lot of cool egg-based dishes
  3. Educating yourself and people around you, especially young kids who hate eggs, about the health benefits of eggs and other fun facts
  4. Selfie with an egg, hashtag: #national_egg_day 

Why celebrate National Egg day?

National Egg Day is not just about eggs; it is a day when we can all think about a much more pressing issue; World Hunger. It is a great day to understand how truly gifted we are to enjoy eggs whenever we want to, while millions worldwide suffer from starvation. Take this day to be grateful for the eggs we eat and, if possible, try to do something to help put an egg in the meals of those starving and/or unable to afford it. Happy National Egg Day!

When is National Egg Day?

2023June 3Saturday
2024June 3Monday
2025June 3Tuesday

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