National Opposite Day
Celebrated On January 25, 2021

National Opposite Day 79 days to go

How long until National Opposite Day
National Opposite Day next takes place in 79 days.
Dates of National Opposite Day
In 2021, it is celebrated on January 25th
In 2022, it is celebrated on January 25th
In 2023, it is celebrated on January 25th
In 2024, it is celebrated on January 25th

Weird! Isn’t it? To celebrate a day for being opposed to everything that you mean in a fun way. Yes, It is. This day is a stress-free day, and it is celebrated all across the United States. This is one of the most enjoyable days for kids, and they love it. This day is mostly celebrated on January 23 by everyone, But some celebrate on January 7th. Adults celebrate this day to be happy and funny.

It will help people to be funny and increase the relationship between them. Though this day is celebrated in America, Nowadays, people celebrate it on social media too. Often celebrated in social media nowadays, creating hashtags and challenging people to do creative pieces of stuff.


History of National Opposite Day


No one knows the origin of this day. Yet people refer to Calvin Coolidge who started, during the 1920s.In 1928, Coolidge interviewed the press that he will not be participating in the election during that year, which caused a major controversy. Still, no one knows that it is going to be celebrated as a day after that incident.

He issued a statement saying, “I DO NOT CHOOSE TO RUN,” which led to the birth of this fun day. Because Media wondered that he is mentioning exactly the opposite, some say the legend started.

And some say, It all started in the 20th century where it is an old childhood day, where kids use reverse questions and answers in a nonsensical way, and then there comes the paradox. The paradox is nothing but a reverse answer to the special day where it doesn’t exist because the opposite of existence is not existing.


How to Celebrate?


This celebration doesn’t need any special equipment or anything. All it needs is a sense of humor. And everyone has their own sense of humor on this day to celebrate. It should be celebrated in the opposite way for the entire day.

Kids celebrate it by saying the opposite word of what it means, like I need dinner (in the morning where it is said to be breakfast). Adults enjoy these days with family and friends and have a fun chat.

This is how it is celebrated.


Why we Celebrate?


We don’t celebrate this day for any specific reasons, but to have fun and be good. This day is one of those days where people love to spread happiness and joy. There is no need for sensible questions on this day, where people are so open to being funny.

This day can be celebrated all around the world, but people are not known about this festival. This creates humor sense and creates happiness among us, which plays a major role in everyone’s life. Hence days like this should be celebrated everywhere and have an entertaining day once in a while to live longer. If you got time to celebrate this day, Don’t neglect these days. And give your time to celebrate these days.


When is National Opposite Day?

2020Jan 25
2021Jan 25
2022Jan 25
2023Jan 25


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