National Princess Day 

National Princess Day 2023

Last Updated on March 14, 2023

Every year November 18, National princess day is celebrated. There is no one who hates princesses; it may be real or fake. Everyone loves the princess and wants to be like them. Everyone loves princesses because they are kind, patient, calm, and beautiful! Most of the girls always wanted to be like them.

History of National Princess Day 

Check out this brief history of national princess day. 

  • The first princess to come over on television was ‘Snow White and the seven dwarfs’ in 1937. 
  • The history of snow white and the seven dwarfs:-Snow White is a fictional character that The Brothers Grimm founded. Snow White is a 19th-century fairy tale known across the world.
  • The Grimm brothers published Snow White in 1812 in Germany.
  • Snow White was the first and original Disney princess; second comes out all-time favorite Cinderella, then comes Aurora, then the list goes on.
  • According to a survey, it is said that Belle is the most beautiful and most liked princess!
  • Some forgotten Disney princesses are Faline from Bambi, Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, and Maid Marian from Robin Hood.
  • Cinderella is the most famous and popular Disney princess; Cinderella was the fan favorite in 76 countries!
  • Who can forget Barbies? Ruth Handler and her husband founded Mattel, the company which produces Barbie dolls! Barbie doll was named after Ruth Handler’s daughter name ‘Barbara.’

How to celebrate National Princess Day?

Here is how you can celebrate national princess day with your folks. 

  1. Surprise Party
    Throw a surprise party for your friend who loves a princess and make delicious food liked by her favorite princess. Like, a princess, Anna likes cakes and pastries! And bring out some Disney music and welcome the princesses with crowns that make them feel special! 
  2. Make them feel special.
    Treat every girl in your family as a princess treat them with royalty, love, and kindness. Go to your nearby boutique, get your favorite princess costume, and click pictures!
  3. Watch party
    Disney has officially released 12 Disney princess movies, so call your friend, make popcorn, make juice, book a seat on your couch, and start watching the movies!
  4. Decorate
    Decorate your house with characters resembling the princesses, such as a frog for princess Tina, a mouse for Cinderella, ice for Elsa, a tower for Rapunzel, a bow, and arrow for Merida, an apple for Snow White, and the list goes on.
  5. Roleplay
    It is full of fun when you act like a princess! So, there are many rules for the princess regarding the way they eat, walk and go on, call out your friend and try doing these activities!

Why is it important to celebrate National Princess Day?

We love princesses because they are beautiful, loyal, humble, and kind. We also love them due to their talent. It helps us be healthy when we watch princess movies; then we get an idea to fit in like them or change our attitude and character like them.

When is National Princess Day?

2023Nov 18Saturday
2024Nov 18Monday
2025Nov 18Tuesday

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