National Wine Day
Celebrated On May 25, 2021

National Wine Day 224 days to go

May 25 is observed as national wine day, there is no need of special day and special occasion to celebrate the taste of wine. Even we have an official day to celebrate the divine of the wine and that is on May 25. As you all know wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented grapes or from the other fruits. Yeast consumes the sugar in the grapes and converts into alcohol during the fermentation process. Different grapes will give different wine, usually, winemakers will combine different grapes to create more complex flavors. 


History of National Wine Day

  • 6000 BC

During the 6000 BC, signs of winemaking were found in Eurasia, and the oldest wine has been found.

  • 4100 BC

Archeologists have discovered the evidence of winemaking in the Armenian cave, also they have found cups and jars for holding wine, wine presses, vats for the fermentation process, grape seeds, and even vine.

  • 1628

Wine productions have started in America, and the New Mexico becomes the first region in America to start the winemaking process.

  • 1964

Sangria gains popularity in the US, even the sangria was introduced to the US during 1940, the popularity of the sangria gets spiked during the 1960s.

And with a lot of references, we can conclude that national wine day was started to observe from 2009, and the wine enthusiasts unite to celebrate the divine of wine. 


Activities to do on National Wine Day

  • Favorite wine with the favorite meal

Call your family and friends, reunite with them, have a great time by having your favorite wine with your favorite meal.

  • Head towards the sangria bar

The best way to celebrate the national wine day is heading towards the sangria bar. Sangria is an easy and delicious beverage with a wine base. Red, rose, white, and a lot of recipes are available. Peach and blueberry lemonade sangria will be stand out at any party. So taste everything.

  • Get new gadgets

Getting new gadgets to have will be another best way to observe the national wine day. You can consider buying the new wine glass, electric wine bottle opener, or a wine aerator. 


Why Everyone Loves National Wine Day?

  • Wine – the versatile

When it comes to wine, there are a lot of varieties available to taste. Like red wine, rose wine, white wine, sparkling and dessert. The options for you to have wine are practically endless. And you will not get bored by tasting wine, because it tastes delicious and endless options are available.

  • Wine is divine

Wine is not the type of beverage that you drink at a gulp, and also wine is not supposed to take at a single gulp. Wine should be taken by sip by sip. Having time with wine glass will be never wasted, the time spent with the wine glass will help you to enjoy the things, people, scenery, food, and anything.

  • You can travel the world in a bottle of wine

Every bottle of wine tells a unique story while having wine if you are closing your eyes, the flavor and the aroma of the wine will take you to a completely different place and you can feel the soil where the grapes grown, you can feel the landscape of the town where the wine has originated.


When is National Wine Day?

2020May 25
2021May 25
2022May 25
2023May 25


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