Veterans Day
Celebrated On November 11, 2021

Veterans Day 343 days to go


Veterans Day is a special day set aside to celebrate the bravery of those who sacrificed their life for the country during war and also to express gratitude to those who are still alive and serving for the country. This day is celebrated on November 11 every year and is a legal holiday.


History of Veterans Day 

When the most destructive war of all time, World War I came to end, there was a temporary cessation of war which came into force on the 11th day of 11th month at 11th hour and it was known as Armistice Day, so November 11 officially became an important day (through Treaty of Versailles). But once World War II and Korean war happened, November 11 was no more called Armistice day. It was changed to ‘Veterans Day’ to glorify the courageous veterans of all the wars. 

Initially Veterans Day was celebrated on October 25, most of the U.S. citizens wanted November 11 to be Veterans because of historic significance and sentiments attached to it. Hence President Gerald Ford signed a law addressing this. So, from 1978 to till date, Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 in America.

Canada, Australia, Great Britain call November 11 as ‘Remembrance day’ to honor the lives lost during the war.


How to observe Veterans Day?

As this is a day specially for the Veterans, it’s important that they are commemorated and thanked for their valour. A gathering can be arranged and lunch can be hosted for them, wherein the civilians will get to meet the veterans. The veterans can also share their experiences and stories of bravery. This will inspire the civilians. Their stories can be published in local newspapers and newsletters.

    1. Flag raising ceremony are usually held and National Anthem is sung. To honor the veterans’ contributions and sacrifices, a moment of silence is always to be observed (usually at 11 a.m.)
    2. In places like schools and colleges, it is important that the students understand the courageous acts of the veterans. So, the students can be gathered for an assembly and they can be detailed about the significance of Veterans Day. 
    3. Some people observe Veterans Day by donating money, food, clothes to Veterans organizations in order show their support to the veterans and their family.
  • Community Veterans Day celebration are also conducted to promote community spirit.

Why celebrating Veterans Day is important?

Every civilian must show their respect and support to the veterans. Only through days like these people will come to know about the forgotten and untold stories of these real-life heroes. This day also signifies that families of the veterans need to be recognized and supported. This will foster respect and recognition for the veterans. This day will highlight the importance of world peace and friendly relations with all the countries. People will also remember how disastrous wars are and how safe they are in the present. Hence it is a duty for every citizen to salute the brave, sacrificing, patriotic military people. 


When is Veterans Day?

2020Nov 11
2021Nov 11
2022Nov 11
2023Nov 11


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