Global Handwashing Day
Celebrated On September 15, 2020

Global Handwashing Day 30 days to go


  • Every year on October 15, Global handwashing day is observed. This day is celebrated to motivate people to change their handwashing methods.
  • This day is very important to celebrate because ‘Our hands, our future’
  • To keep your hands clean ‘ Kill the germs with soap, and bury using sanitizers’.


History of Global Handwashing Day

  • Hand hygiene was found by Ignaz Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician and scientist. He was known as the ‘savior of mothers’.
  • The first Global handwashing day was celebrated in 2008. Nearly 120 million children washed their hands, more than 70 countries participated in the event.
  • Nearly 50% of death in the world is due to lack of hygiene!
  • Soaps were first found in Babylon, in 2800 BC. The soaps were made using fats and wood ashes.
  • The word soap was got from Mountain Sapo in Rome.
  • The Arabic chemist was the first to introduce scented soaps. They used scented oils to make scented soaps. They also found colored soaps some were liquid soaps and some were solid-state soaps.
  • Pears transparent soap is the oldest brand of soaps. It was founded by Andrew pears in 1807.
  • Soaps are very important in our life it helps us to kill the germs in our hands which we can’t see.


How to observe the Global Handwashing Day?

  • On this day spread the importance of using soaps to people makes them understand that washing hands with soaps are very effective and affordable, and keeps away from diseases and germs.
  •   Give the needy people soaps to safeguard them from germs and diseases, and also give soaps to an orphanage or any homes. 
  • On this day go to a soap manufacturing company to know, ‘how soaps are manufactured’.
  • Go to a nearby store get the needed materials to make a bar of soap.
  • On this day many stores sell soaps on clearance so get as many soaps you can and give it to your friends, family because safety first, security next!
  • Teach people how to wash their hands in a perfect way. 
  • The theme for 2020 ‘Global handwashing day’ is ‘Save lives: Clean your hands’ 
  • During this 2020 pandemic(covid19) period washing hands and keeping ourselves clean is the most important work to keep us away from viruses.
  • The effects of poor hygiene can cause food poisoning, the virus affects, and many other diseases! Washing hands is key to overcome all these problems!
  • Ethiopia is a country in East Africa that lacks hygiene! The country doesn’t have a good water system and sanitization is not too good. 
  • Switzerland in Europe has the best sanitization and the country is pollution-free and is the most hygienic country. 


Why it is important to observe Global Handwashing Day?

  • Global handwashing day is very important to celebrate. On this day come to know the importance of washing hands.
  • On October 15, we also come to know the importance of using water!
  • Antibacterial oregano soap is one of the well-known soaps to kill germs.
  • ‘Use soap to scrub on your hand or you’ll spread diseases to all the land’


When is Global Handwashing Day?

2020Oct 15
2021Oct 15
2022Oct 15
2023Oct 15


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