International Dance Day
Celebrated On April 29, 2021

International Dance Day 15 days to go

How long until International Dance Day
International Dance Day next takes place in 15 days.
Dates of International Dance Day
In 2021, it is celebrated on April 29th
In 2022, it is celebrated on April 29th
In 2023, it is celebrated on April 29th
In 2024, it is celebrated on April 29th

Every year April – 29 is celebrated as the International dance day. The purpose of celebrating the dance is to promote art and culture and also to raise awareness among the people regarding the art of dance. Dance is an art, and also it is a method of communication in cultures around the world. Dance is one of the arts that is loved and practiced by most of the population in this world. For this international dance day, learn a new dance, call your friends, and rock on the floor.


History International Dance Day

  • International dance day was created by the dance committee of the ITI (International Theatre Institute) in the year of 1982.
  • April 29 is the birthday of French dance artist (well-famed) Jean-Georges Noverre. He was born in 1727, and he is a famous dancer, ballet master, great reformer of dance. For a tribute to him, dance is celebrated on April 29.
  • Every year on the dance day (April 29), a message from an outstanding dancer or choreographer will be circulated throughout the world.


Activities to do on Internation Dance Day


  • Donate something to a dance club of your choice

Every place will have a dance club where the people will practice and perform the dance. Find a club nearby you, go there, and donate something for that club to the improvement. Or else donate to a person who has a strong passion for dancing but weak in economic status. 


  • Call your friends and dance.

On the dance day, call your best friends to an amazing place with a list of amazing songs. Dance with them and make happy vibes around you. 


  • Go and see a dance performance.

Hopefully, the place you are staying in will have some dance festivals. Watch the amazing performance there and get manic by dancing.


  • Spread to the world

Post your or your favorite dancer’s dancing video on a social media platform and put a hashtag #InternationalDanceDay. Talk to your friends about the importance of dance, why dance matters to you, and about the benefits of the dance. Speak about the dance and let the world know about it.


Why Everyone Loves International Dance Day?


  • Dance is an emotion

The people who love to dance will know that dance is not just a word; it is an emotion for many. People will feel happy when they are dancing. Dance is the best way to get out of stress, chaos, and negativity.


  • The best way for a romance

Just imagine a perfect breeze evening and a mesmerizing melody hit, and you are dancing with your partner; yeah, it will be an amazing feeling. Dance is the best way to romance with your better half, and it helps you to create a physical and mental closeness with your partner.


  • Dual enjoyment

Music plays an important role in dance, and you can listen to a variety of music or songs and dance. So you will have dual enjoyment that will make you high.

Finally, to be the happiest person and get out of all the mental strain, just dance and rock with your friends and family. For this dance day, go somewhere for a trip (or even at your home’s terrace), play a vibrant song, and start to build your relationship stronger. Happy Dance Day!


When is International Dance Day?

2020April 29
2021April 29
2022April 29
2023April 29


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