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National Superhero Day 2023

Last Updated on March 5, 2023

The whole concept of superhumans with superpowers or skills has fascinated people for quite some time now. Superheros and wonder woman made their origin in myths and folktales. As time passed, they transitioned to DC comic books to show their superpowers to children via stories. Now we live in an era where the stuff of myths and comics are brought to life on screen every day via a television show, a la movies, cartoons, and live-action series. Superheros are so important nowadays that they form the crux of pop culture and are widely celebrated worldwide. April 28th is celebrated as National Superhero Day April in the United States of America. Many superheroes are role models for children; the heroes include batman, iron man, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the fantastic four, and captain marvel. Many military personnel and employees have their favorite hero, batman; it is a fan-favorite of everyone. As per history, many people consider their favorite superheroes as their role models and share them on social media on April 28.

The History Behind National Superhero Day:

History of National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day April 28 was a holiday created by the employees at Marvel Comics on April 28th, 1995, due to the comic strip so that everyone shares about their favorite superhero on April 28. This was when Marvel Comics was at its peak, and hence this garnered a lot of attention and eventually became a national holiday. While originally a holiday that celebrated Marvel superheroes, the day eventually encompassed all other superheroes (even from DC and Dark Horse Comics, among prominent ones), both real heroes and fictional heroes. Today, National Superhero Day, April 28, celebrates real-life superheroes like soldiers, firefighters, police, doctors, fighting turtles, and several others who literally save lives, commit their actions and sacrifice, and are considered heroes.

Facts about Superheroes

Here are some little-known facts about your favorite superheroes. Did you know that the Hulk was originally supposed to be grey in color but was later green as green looked better in print? Another fun fact is that Superman is a vegetarian. Michael Jackson, the king of pop, was a huge fan of Spiderman and even tried to purchase Marvel Comics to play the role of Spiderman on the big screen. Captain America was originally created during World War II to motivate America’s citizens to fight for their country.

How to observe National Superhero Day:

The true celebration of National Superhero Day is to spend quality time with your real-life superhero, snap pictures, and hashtag it as #NationalSuperheroDay. They put their life at harm’s to protect others; they are the true superheroes. Generally, people of all ages celebrate National Superhero Day by reading comics, watching movies, or attending parties dressed up as their favorite superheroes. Many Americans celebrate National Superhero Day by volunteering or visiting orphanages and children’s hospitals dressed as famous superheroes. National Superhero Day is basically Halloween (minus the ghouls) in Summer.

Why celebrate National Superhero Day:

Some people think National Superhero day is all about a fictional character and hence consider it a day’s waste. But in truth, National Superhero Day celebrates each superhero, especially the real ones. We don’t need to look for superheroes in the police force, army or fire department. The truest superheroes in one’s life are those who love them and continue to stick by their side despite the odds. This could be your parents or friends or some other special person. National Superhero Day is a day that celebrates gratitude to those who saved us when we needed saving.

When is National Superhero Day?

2023Apr 28Friday
2024Apr 28Sunday
2025Apr 28Monday

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