National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Every year August 19 is observed as the national aviation day; the national aviation day was created to celebrate aviation development. This national aviation day somehow coincides with Orville Wright’s birthday (one of the Wright brothers) and made significant contributions to powered flight. Nowadays, schools started to organize something (maybe an essay competition or speech competition or drawing competition) that focuses on “Aviation” for the students, on this day. And people talk about the history of aviation, the pioneers of aviation, great efforts of the Wright brothers, etc., on this national aviation day. This day was first observed in the year 1939. One of the best things about this day is in 1939 when the American President (Franklin D. Roosevelt) issued the first proclamation; Orville Wright (younger of Wright brothers)  was alive and felt happy.

History of the National Aviation Day


  • 1st century AD- During this time period, a Chinese emperor ordered a soldier to strap two wings on his back, and then the soldier covered in birds feathers and flew for 100 meters.
  • 9th century AD-  According to Algerian historian Ahmed Mohammed al-maqqari, Abbas ibn Firnas covered himself bird’s feather and attached wings to his body then flew a considerable distance. 
  • 1799- Sir George Cayley (father of aviation) has described the model for a modern airplane.
  • December 17, 1903- The Wright brothers (Orville Wright was at the helm, and Wilbur Wright was making a final wing adjustment) completed the first sustained flight for nearly four miles south of Kitty Hawk, North California.


Activities to do on the National Aviation Day


  • Head towards North California

The best way to observe this national aviation day is by visiting the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, in North California. There you can spot the American flight which took off first. If heading to North California is difficult, then at least visit a monument or something (which is nearby you) that is about aviation.

  • Craft your own plane

Another best way to observe national aviation day is by crafting your own airplane. It does not have to be a real airplane, and you can use Legos to build an airplane or make the perfect paper plane.

  • Organize a planespotting picnic

Call your friends and family member for a planespotting picnic. Head towards someplace where you can watch an airplane landing and take off. Bring your favorite food and drink and have it during the planespotting.


Why Everyone Loves National Aviation Day?


  • The plane brought us to space.

Nowadays, many scientists are undergoing and fond of space travel. But if we are subtracting the Wright brothers’ effort and their struggling, then this space travel would be unthinkable. They gave us the plane, and the technology developed it into a different version.

  • Aviation is awesome

We all must fond of the window seats, whether it is a car or bus or train we love to travel in a window seat. And the window seat of this amazing plane will bring amazing views to our eyes. Just imagine sitting inside a giant plane that travels many hundreds of miles per hour and especially a thousand feet above from the landscape; the window seat will be magical here.


When is National Aviation Day?

2020Aug 19
2021Aug 19
2022Aug 19
2023Aug 19


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