National Black Cat Day

National Black Cat Day 2023

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

27th October is the National Black Cat Day. Of course, black cats need all the love and attention too, since their reputation as a stroke of bad luck or an omen is real! However, the National Black Cat Day gives us a chance to show off the feline fans that black cats are an iconic animal.


History of the National Black Cat Day


Black cats carry a unique status amongst all the different breeds of cats. In some places like Japan, Britain, and Scotland, a black cat’s appearance or presence is actually regarded as good fortune and prosperity. However, in the western parts, black cats are still considered to be a statement of wickedness and misfortune. This association comes from an image that is quite familiar to many readers out there that the black cat serves as a companion to the spell casting witches all around the globe.

However, this relation often held severe consequences for the black cat owners in America back in the early 17th century. As the pilgrims started to establish their space on the eastern coast of the country, they had a strict suspicion of anything that was even remotely close to witchcraft. The black cats often symbolized supposed evils and sympathies of witches. As a result, the ones with black cats would often receive severe punishments, and some were even sentenced to death. 

However, in general, the fears that surrounded the demonic potential of the witches had subsided much. Still, the black cats were left to wonder why they should suffer the consequences of the collectively damaged reputation. According to many animal adoption agencies and advocacy groups, black cats often experience lower adoption rates and higher rates of euthanization than the other breeds. Due to this, the National Black Day stands as the perfect opportunity to subvert all these trends and show immense appreciation for the cat, which could use a bit of slight luck by itself.


How to celebrate National Black Cat Day


  1. Show your black feline friend to people on social media. If you already have a black feline friend at your place, then it’s time to celebrate them on your social media. You wouldn’t be posting their pictures on a regular basis on your social media. But today is the day you show off your friend and pay close attention to its fur color. You can also add hashtags related to National Black Cat Day.
  2. Watch a black cat show or a movie! Amongst the most famous cats when it comes to pop culture are the black cats. You can watch a movie or a TV show which embraces black cats. You can choose from Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Snowball from the Simpsons, and Sylvester from the Looney Tunes Show.
  3. Adopt a black cat and go all out!

In case you have been thinking about adopting a cat, you can do so on National Black Cat Day. It is the best day to head onto that local animal shelter and bring home your new fur baby!


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