National Cat Day

National Cat Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Cats are considered the most loved pet animal and show good companionship with human beings. National cat day is observed on August 8 in Canada and October 29 in the United States. National Cat Day was observed to bring awareness to rescue cats and make the people understand the number of cats to be rescued each year, and bring the cat lovers to unite to rescue the cats. Cute and humble cats need a lot of love, care, and good company. 


History of National Cat Day

National cat day is observed every year on August 8 in Canada, whereas the same is observed on the 29th of October in the United States. Colleen Paige, known to be a lifestyle writer, coined the day National Cat Day in the year 2005 with the below-mentioned objectives in mind as an enthusiastic cat lover. 

  1. To motivate the public to understand the number of cats that need to be rescued each year.
  2.  To enrich the cat lovers’ efforts in rescuing the cats by celebrating National cats day and find this as an opportunity to celebrate cats, which shows love and warmth towards us. 
  3. Spread the wing of kindness towards cats. 
  4. According to Rome scholar, ancient sailors would bring cats to protect food from rodents.

From the perspective of Colleen Paige, she loves the cat, and also, she always made a move in favor of cats. Hence, according to her, this day was significant for the human community.  

Science magazine reports say initially; cats were considered wild, the process of domestication taken place in Middle East countries such as Israel, Iraq, and Lebanon. According to DNA Analysis, cats lived with humans before they were domesticated ( this is because they were wild cats). During this period, the mild transition from wild cat to domesticated cat took place. 


How  To Celebrate National Cat Day 

There are plenty of ways to show your love, care, and compassion towards the cats. Here is how National cat day can be celebrated in different ways with your pet love friends. 

  1. You can join hands with animal welfare organizations and provide the basic necessities that cats need to have a peaceful life.
  2. We can help cats by providing good health care, in addition to it, address the issue of cats to the government officials to take necessary action to protect them.
  3. How can you miss taking photos with cats and posting them with some awareness quotes on social media sites, which helps reach more people in a short time? 
  4. Try investing in some fun toys for your pet.
  5. Make the cat to do some exercise and can give some relaxing massage to the whole body.
  6. Try having a fun photo shoot with the pet cat.
  7. Buy a cute collar for your cat and shower loads of love. 
  8. Try to rescue a cat from a local area and pamper the cats with love and affection. 


Why it is Important to Celebrating National Cat Day

National cat day was celebrated to rescue the cats for saving their lives; hence it is important to celebrate the day with great enthusiasm. It helps to bring awareness among people to save the life of cats. In addition to it, people should understand their responsibility in taking care of and protecting the cats.


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