National brownie day
Celebrated On December 8, 2020

National Brownie Day 56 days to go

Brownies are bae, there would be hardly any person who can say no to the yummy brownie. Brownies are loaded with flavours and are one of the best desserts enjoyed across the globe. It is rich, decadent, purely heavenly and feels amazing as soon as you take the first bite. 8th December is celebrated across the globe as National Brownie Day.

There are millions of brownies variation, it is commonly used as a foundation of Sundaes and milkshake. The thick and rich taste of brownies simply elevates the craving level. National Brownie Day is an unofficial holiday which is the best possible way to enjoy this delicious dessert with your friends and family.


History of National Brownie Day

Brownie is one of the best-known desserts worldwide which started to get famous in the early 20th century. Nobody knows when exactly the brownies were invented and where. Here are some historical facts associated with National Brownie Day which will blow your mind.

  1. Palmer House Hotel gets the credit when it comes to the origin of brownie. It was said brownies were invented back in 1893. On National Brownie Day every year Palmer House Hotel serves the same recipes to their guests.
  2. The first variety of brownies were loaded with yummy apricot glaze and crunchy walnuts.
  3. Brownie is said to be a delicious cross between cookie and cake.
  4. Chocolate brownies are widely enjoyed by folks across the globe, the blonde brownie is the second most loved brownie. This subtle take is the biggest highlight, blonde brownies are made with only brown sugar and zero chocolate.
  5. Brownie came it into existence after Bertha Palmer wanted a piece of cake that could easily fit into a small lunchbox who were attending the Chicago World’s Colombian Exposition.
  6. There is some theory which says brownie was created by Maine, it was originally a chocolate cake that didn’t rise. Instead of scrapping, she served the final dish to her guests.


What to do on National Brownie Day

Head straight to local confectionary and dig into the rich chocolate brownie. Make sure you share these delicious brown beauties with your friends. You can also bring down a tray of aromatic and hot brownies to your workplace and make yourself popular among co-workers, don’t forget to give a big share to your boss.


Reasons Why We Must Celebrate National Brownie Day

  1. Brownies are the best way to bond with your family, friends, and colleagues. Grab some brownie and call for celebration.
  2. The brownie varieties are abundant, you don’t want to miss exploring some of the most delicious brownies that include fudgy, cheesecake, peanut butter, banana brownies, etc.
  3. Baking brownies is super easy, wear chef’s hat and make your brownies by adding your favourite ingredients.
  4. Make sure you post the brownie pictures on the National Brownie Day using the hashtag #NationalBrownieDay

The best possible way to celebrate National Brownie Day is to indulge in a big slice of brownie, gulp down the beauties. Surprise your loved one with their favourite variety of brownies.


When is National Brownie Day?

2020Dec 8
2021Dec 8
2022Dec 8
2023Dec 8


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