National Candy Day
Celebrated On November 4, 2020

National Candy Day 29 days to go


Every year on November 4, National candy day is celebrated. Candies are meant for all ages, everybody loves candies. Candies are one of the sources of happiness for all of us. Candy is something which can instantly bring up joy in anyone’s face.  Each country around the world is special for its own kind of candy.


History of National Candy Day

  • Candies were first invented in Ancient Egypt using honey and nuts.
  • Candies were used for medicinal purposes candies gives us instant energy and can soothe our sore throat. 
  • Sugar candies were first made in India in 250 AD. The sweet and amazing taste of sugar candies made many parts of the world to cultivate sugarcanes due to its mouth-watering taste.
  • Candies vary in shapes, sizes, colors, taste each candy has got a history for its invention. 
  • It is told that Denmark is known as the highest candy consuming country! Denmark has got the biggest sweet tooth for candies and Switzerland for chocolates!
  • When it’s Halloween season it’s time to fill our baskets and tummy with candies. 
  • There is a high sale on candies at valentines, Halloween, Christmas, Easter seasons!
  • Good and plenty is known to be the oldest candy (a brand from the USA)
  • Cadburys has made the most expensive candy bar of all time! Which worth $1,600. Isn’t that cool ??
  • Earlier people used candies to calm the digestive system!


How to Celebrate National Candy Day

Here are some of the best way to enjoy and to celebrate national candy day. 

  • Order your favorite candy
    Grab your favorite candy from your nearby store and start munching with your friends, family, loved ones. 
  • Share with friend
    Enjoy the best candy with your friends on this amazing Candy day, sharing is always spreading more love. If any of your friends or relatives are candy lovers then throw a surprise party for them
  • Watch Candy related movie
    Book a seat on your couch and watch the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory which is all about candies and chocolates.
  • Host a competition
    On this day host a candy-making competition with your neighborhood community members, encourage them to make their signature style candies and enjoy the best candies in town.  Candies are best for every occasion and every time. 
  • Add beauty to your dessert
    Candies are the best toppings for any deserts! So grab your ice cream and top it with your favorite candies.  
  • DIY Style
    The sweetness of the candies makes every single bite delightful! The best way to celebrate candy day is to make your own style of candy and send it to your relatives and friends. Don’t wait for a holiday to make candies, every day is perfect to make candies.


Why Celebrating National Candy Day Is Important 

We love to celebrate national candy day because of it’s sweet finger-licking taste. Candies bring our childhood memories and the happy sweet days. Candy was a big part of childhood for everyone. It doesn’t depend on which mood you have to eat candies, when you eat candy it calms down your mind and makes you feel relaxed. A little extra sugar treat is surely not going to hurt anyone.


When is National Candy Day?

2020Nov 4
2021Nov 4
2022Nov 4
2023Nov 4


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