National Sandwich Day
Celebrated On November 3, 2021

National Sandwich Day 15 days to go

How long until National Sandwich Day
National Sandwich Day next takes place in 15 days.
Dates of National Sandwich Day
In 2021, it is celebrated on November 3rd
In 2022, it is celebrated on November 3rd
In 2023, it is celebrated on November 3rd
In 2024, it is celebrated on November 3rd


I am pretty sure sandwich is a part of super yummy comfort food for everyone. You can have it any time of the day, after a busy day, as breakfast, brunch, and also as dinner. The humble sandwich also needs a day to celebrate. Hence each year, the 3rd of November is celebrated as National Sandwich day. John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, is the person behind inventing the first-ever sandwich.


History of National Sandwich Day

The sandwich surely has a yummy history. The sandwiches have delicious filling inside the bread. The fillings can be anything and everything like veggies, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, chicken, meat, and a lot more. The sandwich got its name from the inventor John Montague, who is the 4th Earl of Sandwich. 

  1. It is said that John loves to gamble and wanted to enjoy easy to eat food that doesn’t require using cutlery. This was because he didn’t want any interference during his hour-long gambling games. 
  2. The first every created sandwich had a slice of meat between 2 toasts. 
  3. Sandwiches were considered English meals, and it made their entry into the American cookbook around 1815.
  4. Subway is one of the famous names when it comes to fresh sandwiches; it was founded in the year 1965.


How to Observe National Sandwich Day?

Sandwiches are everyone’s favorite. This humble delicious delicacy calls for some fun activity on National Sandwich Day. Here are some brilliant ways to enjoy and celebrate National Sandwich Day with your family and folks. 

  1. Prepare yummy sandwich

The best possible way to celebrate National Sandwich Day is to DIY. Just grab some toast, add in your favorite filling and prepare a sandwich for your family, loved ones, and friends. It doesn’t need to be super professional; just make sure you have prepared the sandwich with love. 

  1. Head to a local sandwich stall 

Suppose you are not into too much cooking but enjoy eating, head to a local stall that serves yummy sandwich. You can eat a finely crafted sandwich with your sandwich loving friends. Use this as an excellent opportunity to spend time with folks and catch up with them over a sandwich. 

  1. Be Creative

If you want to make the most of this National Sandwich Day, try out some new sandwich dishes. You can also organize a simple sandwich-making competition and invite your friends.


Why Celebrating National Sandwich Day Is Important?

Sandwich to many of us means comfort food. There are days when we all want to grab a sandwich, watch some movies, and relax. The sandwich is a food that can be prepared in many ways, all you need is to give it your creative twist, and a new type of sandwich is ready to fill your tummy.

 It is important to celebrate National Sandwich Day is because it is a great on the go meal, a filling option that is also super-duper delicious. The possibilities with sandwiches are endless. You can add cheese, vegetables, meat, sauces, and even fruits to prepare a yummy sandwich in no time.


When is National Sandwich Day?

2020Nov 3
2021Nov 3
2022Nov 3
2023Nov 3


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