National Chocolate Chip Day
Celebrated On May 15, 2021

National Chocolate Chip Day 215 days to go

May 15 is observed as the national chocolate chip day. Chocolate chips are actually one of the most famous and delicious dishes. The best thing about the chocolate chips is easy to transport and the other best thing is the versatile quality of the chocolate chips.

 To make any cookies better there is one way and that adds some chocolate chips. Any cookies will be better and taste amazing when you are simply adding some chocolate chips in it. This national chocolate chip day is celebrated to enjoy the simpleness and the deliciousness of the chocolate chips.


History of National Chocolate Chip Day

Chocolate chip was born by an accident, a lady was preparing cookies for her guests, and she was running out of chocolate powder so she chopped up some chocolate and added it to the cookie dough and the chocolate that she added in that dough did not melt as she expected, and that is how the chocolate chips were born. The lady who found this recipe is Ruth Wakefield. 

Then the recipe spread like a forest fire after the recipe became successful and popular, nestle made an agreement with Ruth Wakefield to add her chocolate chips recipes into the packaging of their chocolate bars. This is how the chocolate chips were born and became popular. 

There is no authentic date in the history of the national chocolate chip day. Nowadays chocolate chips are one of the most popular ingredients in a baker’s pantry and chocolate chips are extensively used in cakes, cookies, desserts, and ice cream.


Activities to do on National Chocolate Chip Day

  • Hack the kitchen and enjoy

On this national chocolate chip day, add the chocolate chips in all your meals, start your day by making chocolate chip pancakes and add the chocolate chips into your cereal. For the mid-day snack have chocolate chip cookies or chocolate muffins. Add some chocolate chips in your lunch yogurt and enjoy it. End your day by having the most delicious chocolate chip ice cream.

  • Bake as big as possible

You may not want to have the world record, but this national chocolate chip is the perfect occasion to try hand baking chocolate chips and also bake as big as possible.

  • Make an edible art

With a mix of chocolate chips and also with some other chocolate candies create a kid-friendly as well as edible art. Create a picture of someone or something with the chocolate chips.


Why everyone loves National Chocolate Chip Day?

  • Chocolate chips are everywhere and it is everything

Chocolate chips may be created for one purpose, but when it has become popular and successful it is available in every place, so it is easy to get and delicious to have.

  • Versatile! So many choices

When it comes to chocolate chips, there are so many choices available. The best thing about the chocolate chips is it is versatile and you can have it by adding it in anything. And each dish with chocolate chips will taste unique.


When is National Chocolate Chip Day?

2020May 15
2021May 15
2022May 15
2023May 15


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