National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Every year, September 25 is observed as the national comic book day. During the mid of the 1800s, there came a small shift in the way of telling stories. That idea admired every story reader, and everyone loved it that way. Yes, that is comic books. It is one of the unique ways to tell a story. In the initial days, the comic strips (later which gave birth to the comic books), the dialogues were displayed in balloons or bubbles above the character’s head. Comic books are not only humorous in tone; it can convey a story in any genre. And every people (kids from adults) found comics are interesting. When the time rolls, comic books became popular, and people loved to read comic books.

History of the National Comic Book Day


  • 1842- First prototype comic book was released, and it was called “The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck.”
  • 1933- The first modern comic book “Famous Funnies” was released during this period.
  • 1938- Superman’s story was invented through a comic book.
  • The 1960’s- Marvel creates some of their major superheroes (like spiderman, fantastic four, etc.) through comics.
  • Late 1960’s- Underground comics were developed during this time, and they reflected youth and drug counterculture.

There is no authentic date in the history of the national comic book day, but the day was created to celebrate the comic books’ uniqueness, etc. So on this national comic book day, celebrate your love for comics and start to read more.


Activities to do on the National Comic Book Day


  • Create your own comic

If you have read comic books for your whole life, you must have an idea about the characters’ structure and how to tell stories through comics. So all you need to do is, take some time to put the storyline, create some characters, and just let your imagination run. You can call some friends for help to create your own comic. Who knows, you may become the next Stan Lee, so just try and reveal your talent.

  • Buy some comics

On this national comic book day, just go to your local book store, where you can get a variety of comics. Even if you have read a comic book in childhood, just rebuy them and remember everything. And try to find new comics and read them all.


Why Everyone Loves National Comic Book Day?


  • Comics helps kids to learn.

Historically, comics have been the villain, but it is upside down when it comes to the kids’ sections. Many parents have found that comic books promote the reading interest of their children. It also improves the child’s vocabulary, builds reader confidence, and exposes the child to a real-life situation. Not all children love to read but remember that every child will love comics.

  • Comics inspired many record-breaking movies.

Comics is not only for kids, but adults can also read and love comics. Apart from this, in the last two decades, movies adapted from comic books have shattered box office records, and till now, it is going on. Some best movies inspired by comics are The Dark Knight Trilogy (which has collected nearly $2.3 billion), Marvel’s Avenger series (made about $1.51 billion), etc.,


When is National Comic Book Day?

2020Sep 25
2021Sep 25
2022Sep 25
2023Sep 25


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