National Read a Book Day

National Read a book day 2023

Last Updated on February 6, 2023

Even in the present digital era, the fact that books are our best companions cannot be denied. Books can be our best friend by entertaining us and enhancing our knowledge. Reading gives joy, and it calms the mind. The long day’s stress could be relieved by reading a good book at the end of the long day. Reading a book is an activity that deserves an awesome celebration.


History of National Read a Book Day


The national read a book day falls on September 6th every year. The first celebration of the read a book day happened at the end of the 2000s. The day is popular in the United States of America and a few other countries around the world.


History of books and reading


  • The first book to be written on a typewriter if Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer in the year 1876.
  • The Recall of the histories of Troye was the first book to be printed in English by William Caxton in the year 1473. It is a translation of French stories that were based on a fictional character called Troy.
  • Gutenberg’s bible was the first book to be mass printed. It was produced in Mainz, Germany. It was written in Latin.
  • Louis Braille’s Braille system has made the visually impaired read wonderful books. Now, audiobooks are a great boon for the visually impaired.
  • Now, Reading the book in electronic form is a trend. Amazon’s kindle has hit a huge success.


What should we do on National Read a Book Day?


The books will be held precious if they are gifted. The national read a book day is the best occasion to gift book the book lovers. If one loves to read but finds it hard to find time for reading, the national read a book day is the best chance to set aside a part of the day to read a few pages of a book each day.

The habit of reading should start at a young age. The national read a book day is the best chance to read a tiny book for the children at home.

Libraries are the best source to read all the books we want as we can’t buy all the books we want. So, enjoy the day at the library by reading favorite books.


Why should we celebrate National Read a Book Day?


Books played a vital role for many generations. Books should be loved for generations, and the habit of reading beyond the textbooks must be developed among the children. The national read a book day must be celebrated to create awareness about reading books. The day should be celebrated to pay respect and appreciate the great works of various writers around the world.

The statistical data of the research done by various organizations say that most people do not read as much as they buy books. Let the national read a book day be a reminder to read the books lying unread on the shelves for a long time.


When is National Read a Book Day?

2020Sep 6
2021Sep 6
2022Sep 6
2023Sep 6


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