National Doctors' Day

National Doctors’ Day

Doctors are the ones who have always looked after us with great care and compassion in our worst times. Doctors are a significant part of our society; they have a remarkable contribution to humankind’s welfare. Each year 1st of July is celebrated as National Doctor’s day.

This day is celebrated to honor the contribution of renowned physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy is also the former Chief Minister of West Bengal. The primary motto is to observe this day and is to create awareness about the importance of doctors in today’s fast-moving world.


History of National Doctor’s Day

The National Doctor’s day is observed to honor Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy; 1st July is his birth as well as death anniversary. On this day, people pay tribute to all the medical professionals who have worked hard to keep us healthy and free from diseases. The significance of this day is to highlight the contribution of doctors.

  1. National Doctor’s day was first established in the year 1991 but Central Government in India.
  2. On the only 4th of February, 1961, Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy was awarded as Bharat Ratna, which is considered one of India’s prestigious civilian awards.
  3. For the first time, National Doctor’s day was celebrated in the year 1933 during March month in the United States of Georgia.
  4. Earlier, people used to celebrate National Doctor’s day by sending handwritten cards to their doctors and physicians.
  5. People also placed flowers on the grave of their dead physicians and healthcare specialists.
  6. Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy was the second chief minister of Bengal, and he was the chief minister for 14 years.
  7. Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy was also considered as one of the biggest architects of West Bengal.


How To Observe National Doctor’s Day

Every year the National Doctor’s day is observed and very well celebrated by the government as well as non-government healthcare organizations. It is a way to respect doctors who have contributed their life to humankind. Every year many healthcare organizations conduct various events, activities, and competitions to honor the doctors.

Moreover, various healthcare organizations and firms conduct free medical check-up and camps to encourage quality medical services. Everything is usually free of cost for the public. During National Doctors day, various doctors discuss health care, disease prevention, diagnosis, the importance of proper treatment, etc.

During National Doctors day, general screen test camps are also conducted to promote healthy living. Various physicians and health care providers also talk about health counseling, vaccination, chronic disease awareness, and a lot more.


Why Celebrating National Doctor’s Day is Important

The best way to celebrate National Doctor’s day is to honor and acknowledge the services done by medical professionals. Please take this opportunity as a day to thank all the doctors and healthcare providers who have managed to give us the best healthcare. Their selfless service is the reason today; we all are living a healthy, disease-free, and happy life. Don’t forget to thank your doctors for their remarkable service and save people’s precious lives.


When is National Doctor’s Day?

2020July 1
2021July 1
2022July 1
2023July 1


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