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National Nurses Day 2023

Last Updated on March 12, 2023

As we step into the month of May, a day that holds great significance for nurses worldwide is rapidly approaching – National Nurse’s Day. This day, which falls on the 6th of May every year, marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, which extends till the 12th of May. The objective behind National Nurses Week is to express gratitude towards the hardworking and dedicated nurses who tirelessly work day and night to keep the world healthy. It serves as a reminder to acknowledge the vital role of nurses in our society. Often referred to as National Recognition Day, it is a day that deserves our utmost appreciation and admiration for the invaluable contributions that nurses make to our lives.

History of National Nurses Day

History of National Nurses Day

  • In 1953, the United States Department of Health employees sent President Eisenhower a letter regarding the national nurses day proposal. Still, the official proclamation was not made that year. Then, the following year, people began celebrating national nurses week alone.
  • Then in the year 1974, President Nixon proclaimed national nurses week.
  • In the year of 1981, a resolution was initiated by nurses in New Mexico to celebrate May 6th as National nurses day / National recognition day for nurses.
  • In the year of 1982, the proposal for national nurses day was signed by President Reagan.
  • Then later, in 1990, it was expanded to a week-long celebration by ANA boards of directors.

Things to do on National Nurses Day

  • Be a nurse for a day.

The best way to fully appreciate the nurses who are working harder is by being a nurse for a day. So approach a known nurse and try to be with them. Serve the patients, and care for them. Be with a nurse and be a nurse (there will be some way to be a nurse for a day without the license).

  • Throw a party

If you know any nurses, throw them a party for their hard work and appreciate them. Another easy way to appreciate the nurses is to get chocolates and give them to the nurses you see and wish them.

  • Trend a hashtag on social media.

Post on your social media accounts about the nurses and their hard work, and use the hashtag #nationalnursesday. This will create awareness for other people, and they can know about the importance of the nurse and how much effort they are putting in to serve and save the world.

Why everyone loves National Nurses Day?

  • Selfless love and compassionate

Nurses are professionals who will not care about themselves and often care for patients. They will care for their patients and show care and support for the person to get out of the disease.

  • Hard-working

Nurses are one of the symbols of hard work. They struggle a lot in their profession, and they take risks, be with the patients, and get affected, but they will not care much about it. They work hard for the health of the people.

  • The nurse is a familiar face in the hospital.

Nurses will be familiar faces in the hospital because they care for the people coming there. They care for them, spend time with patients, and become familiar with them all.


On this wonderful day, take a step forward and spend a day with a nurse. This small gesture of gratitude can show them how much we value their hard work and the difference they make in the world.

When is National Nurses Day?

2023May 6Saturday
2024May 6Monday
2025May 6Tuesday

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