National Fast Food Day

National Fast Food Day 2023

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

Fast food is bae; no matter how full you are, you will always have a special space in your tummy for yummy fast food. You will be amazed to know that each year 16th of November is celebrated as National Fast Food Day. Be it a drive-thru or a dine out; fast food never fails to satisfy our taste buds. It can simply make anyone’s gloomy day super interesting. Anything which can be made in a jiffy with minimum ingredient is called fast food. The best part about fast food is, you get amazing varieties and each one is super duper delicious. Fast food is the first love for all food enthusiasts. 


History of National Fast Food Day

you will be amazed to know our humble fast food day also have a brief history. The rising popularity of cars post World War I made fast food extremely popular. It was easy to get the food and enjoy it on the go. Fast food was a savior during a quick trip or when you wanted to treat yourself. 

  1. In the year 1921, White Castle stepped into fast food with its delicious hamburgers. It was available for just .05  per piece. 
  2. By the end of 1950, fast food becomes a revolution in the food industry and a huge thing in America. 
  3. After 1950, the interest in fast food started to spread like wildfire among all the foodies. 
  4. Fast food is now found in almost all parts of the world, be it the US or India; fast food is here to stay and has marked a space for itself.
  5. The first fast food joint was the famous “hamburger joint.” 
  6. Almost in all the leading fast-food joints, you will find a variety of food. Be it Mexican or Asian; you got everything on your platter.


How to Observe National Fast Food Day?

Here is some brilliant way to celebrate National Fast Food Day

  1. You don’t even need an excuse to indulge in your favorite fast food; it is National Fast Food Day, the best time of the year to enjoy some yummy delicacies. 
  2. Prepare your favorite fast food at home and invite your foodie buddies. 
  3. Hang out with your friends and family at the restaurant or drive-thru, which serves the best fast food in town. 
  4. Try a unique fast food that you haven’t tried before on National Fast Food Day. 
  5. Surprise everyone at your workplace by ordering their favorite fast food on National Fast Food Day; everyone is going to be your friends for sure.


Why Celebrating National Fast Food Day is Important?

There are numerous reasons to celebrate National Fast Food Day, food is a blessing, and fast food will always be the first love for all food lovers. National Fast Food Day provides you with an opportunity to explore the best food options in town; it is also an excellent way to boost small-scale businesses, restaurants, and drive-thru selling fast food to make their living. National Fast Food Day is a day where food unites people effortlessly.


When is National Fast Food Day?

2020Nov 16
2021Nov 16
2022Nov 16
2023Nov 16


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