National Pickle Day
Celebrated On November 14, 2021

National Pickle Day 346 days to go


You will be amazed to know that the yummy, sweet, spicy, and tangly picks do have a day to celebrate. Each year 14th of November is celebrated as National Pickle Day. There is hardly going to be someone who is not a fan of pickles. Pickles are the perfect partners and best side dishes for all the meals. The pickles go well with almost anything and everything. Be it the pita bread, sandwich, or a salad. The yummy pickles easily enhance the taste in no time. 


History of National Pickle Day

  1. The tangy and sour pickle do have a very interesting history. You will be taken back to 2030 2. B.C. Originally in history cucumber was used to prepare pickles in India. A food enthusiast from Dutch gave the name “Pekel”, which has the literal meaning as “Brine”. 
  2. In Poland, Kosher dills were famously pickled and fermented for longer months along with beets and cabbages.
  3. Pickle came into the U.S during the 17th and 18th centuries.  Pickles were commonly made using cabbage, cucumbers, and other veggies like beets and carrots. 
  4. National Pickle day is celebration started during 1949 as a part of National Pickle week. 
  5. The pickles became a usual food element for the Jews living on the eastern side of Europe. The pungent, acidic flavor provides a unique flavor to the meal.  


How to Observe National Pickle Day ?

Celebrating National Pickle Day is very important if you are a huge fan of pickle, it makes mealtime fun. Here are some amazing ways to celebrate and observe National Pickle Day. 


  1. Do it yourself type

Wear the chef’s hat and pick out your favourite vegetable and easy recipe to prepare a yummy pickle. Treat yourself with the best pickle recipe and enjoy the meal time. 

  1. Go shopping

If you are not a great cook, it is always best to look for local markets to try out some delicious pickles. Shop a huge variety of pickles from the supermarket or gourmet shop. 

  1. Pickle party 

Nothing is as much fun as spending time with like-minded people over good food. Invite all your pickle lovers and buddies to try out unique pickles. 

 National Pickle Day is the best day to try out all types of pickles, it can be carrots, beets, cauliflower, watermelon, chicken, beef, and whatnot. do not shy away to try out a yummy pickle and satisfy your taste buds on national pickle day. 


Why Celebrating National Pickle Day Is Important ?

The humble-looking pickle instantly adds taste to your boring meal. It is extremely important to celebrate National Pickle Day because it is super yum. Pickles have been in the food chart even before the 17th century and with every passing year, the taste is surely enhanced. It is a tradition that should be well preserved.

 By celebrating National Pickle Day, we not only preserve the tradition of good food but also is very curial for all the small-scale business which make money by selling pickles. Celebrating National Pickle day is important for the people at Pickle Packers Association.


When is National Pickle Day?

2020Nov 14
2021Nov 14
2022Nov 14
2023Nov 14


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