National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriend Day 2023

Last Updated on April 2, 2023

National Girlfriend Day 2023 is observed on August 1. We determined through our research that it celebrates the special bond of friendship between girls. Girlfriends may fall into different categories; many grew up together, met at school or college, or met at a workplace. Even mothers and sisters can meet the definition of a girlfriend. This day honors your girlfriend, who has been with you throughout your ups and downs. Romantic partners may come and go, but the girlfriend and their friendship will remain constant. This is the day to promote laughter and joy with your girlfriend. You might have shared secrets and fun, celebrating success with your girlfriend, and when failure hits you, your girlfriend would be the one who gives advice and makes an effort to get you out of it. They are the friends who make you laugh even at the silliest joke. This day is to celebrate that precious bonding.

History of the National Girlfriend Day

History of National GF day

As per our research, The earliest and most formal announcement of national girlfriend day was created by mother and daughter authors named Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield. In 2002, the mother-daughter announced this, along with the publication of their book “Girlfriends Getaway” they selected September 20 for the girlfriend day celebration. In 2003, the other two were claimed to be national girlfriend day on August 1. 

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Activities to do on the National Girlfriend Day

Activities of National GF Day

  • Organize a night out with your girls

Call your girlfriend and organize a night out with them. Painting and drinking on a night out would be amazing. If your girlfriend likes art, this is the best celebration. Go somewhere where you can admire the great paintings and must add wine to your night out. 

  • Upload it on social media.

Another beautiful way to celebrate this national girlfriend day is by uploading your treasure on social media. Find a perfect and favorite photo of you and your girlfriend, upload it on social media, tell about them, and use the hashtag #nationalgirlfriendday.

  • Go to a spa

Call your girls and invite them for a spa day or a spa night. Make a manicure, pedicure, facial, etc., from them, and they will thank you for the pamper-filled day.

Why everyone Loves National Girlfriend day?

Why Everyone Loves GF

  • Girlfriends are constant

As we discussed, girlfriends constantly will be with you during your ups and downs. They are the best and one of the best sources of unconditional love and support. Especially during your hard times, your girlfriend must be the one who wants to make you smile.

  • Girlfriends are the best dessert buddies.

Whether you want to have a sweet treat or are going through a difficult time, there is no better person than a girlfriend to have ice cream with.

  • They are best at parties.

Girlfriends are the best at everything, and they know how to make a great party. Whether it is about dancing or making nice food, they are great. You can always count on your girlfriend to paint the town red.

When is National Girlfriend Day 2023?

2023Aug 1Tuesday
2024Aug 1Thursday
2025Aug 1Friday

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