National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2023

Last Updated on May 29, 2023

Cold chocolate bursts with a soft hint of vanilla in between, resulting in a small flavor explosion. Well, this is a yummy ice cream sandwich for you. It is a delight that is over a century old, and even more, and it is still a popular dish today; all credit goes to the lip-smacking taste.

When is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

This awesome national day is celebrated on August 2nd every year and encourages us to beat the heat with one of our favorite frozen treats and cherish the taste. The ice cream sandwich will hit the right spot on a hot summer day between vanilla, strawberry, Neapolitan, and two chocolate wafers. 

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History of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream sandwiches are said to have existed since the early 1800s. Today’s ice cream sandwich typically consists of two layers of chocolate biscuits and vanilla ice cream. The different ice cream sandwiches can be drawn back to 1945 when a merchant named Jerry swapped these desserts at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh during a baseball tournament. Following their introduction, ice cream sandwiches quickly became popular and loved by all. Their delicious taste made them quickly available in top restaurants and grocery stores. Many people began making these desserts at home with sponge cakes and shortbread cookies.

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Why Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

The day is dedicated to the ice cream sandwich, a frozen dessert popular in North America until 1980. It’s called “cream between” because the ice cream is sandwiched between two cookies or wafer bars. Double to triple layers of wafers with ice cream in between are also popular. It was outstanding not only in the United States but throughout the North American continent until the beginning of cone ice cream. It is still popular in some countries, albeit under different names. Enjoy your day by eating a delicious ice cream sandwich.

How to Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day?

Here are some fabulous ways to celebrate the National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

  • Visit your favorite ice cream parlor – Nothing beats devouring an ice cream sandwich in a cute, little ice cream shop that is your all-time favorite too. Relive your golden years by flavorful, crispy, cool ice cream sandwiches in a gem of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor.
  • Make friends over ice cream sandwiches – Give them an ice cream sandwich if you want to make friends and spend some golden time with them. It’s a very simple way to demonstrate your love and care.

Interesting Facts About National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Here are some fun and interesting facts about National Ice Cream Sandwich Day,

  • Sponge Cake was used in the first ice cream sandwich – Although the most common type of ice cream sandwich sold in supermarkets is ice cream wedged between two chocolate cookies, the original ice cream sandwiches were not made with chocolate cookies or even cake. No, the first ice cream sandwiches were made with sponge cake.
  • In 1928, the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich was invented – The ice cream sandwich was invented around the turn of the twentieth century, but the ice cream cookie sandwich was not until 1928. This was when a San Francisco ice cream vendor began selling chocolate-dipped ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies

This August national day celebrates flavors’ unique taste and punch and makes the summers more relaxing. It is a day to meet the family and folks and grab the classic Ice cream sandwich.

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