National Guacamole Day

National Guacamole Day

National guacamole day is observed on September 16 of every year. Guacamole is an avocado-based sauce, and it popular in American cuisine as a salad ingredient, commandment, and dip. Avocados are the star of this guacamole, whereas lime juice, tomatoes, seasonings, and onion promote the taste of the guacamole and make guacamole a guilt-free addition to any meal or snack. This dip is filled with a lot of nutrients, and good fat, along with a hint of spice and a fresh taste of lime. All the ingredients of the guacamole make this dip a flavored one. Guacamole is easy to make, and it is one of the best party dishes. Also, guacamole is versatile, like you can dip your favorite chip, adding as a topping on a quesadilla, and adding in a salad.

History of the National Guacamole Day


  • The 1500s- The Aztecs made a spread with avacados called “avacado sauce or ahuaca-mulli”.
  • 1833- In Florida, the first avocado trees were planted, and then three years later, avocado trees were also planted in California.
  • 1935- The “Hass” was born; Rudolph Hass originated the term “Hass Avacado” when he purchased a seedling from a farmer, and today, Hass is the most popular avocado variety in America.
  • 2014- The consumption of avocados has increased in America; it jumped from 1 to 7 pounds per capita within 20 years.

There is no authentic date in the history of the national guacamole day, but the day was created to enjoy and celebrate guacamole’s unique taste. And this day might be created by the guacamole enthusiasts.


Activities to do on the National Guacamole Day


  • Add guacamole to your food.

On this national guacamole day, add some guacamole to your food; whether you have homemade guac or the one who bought from the store, just add guac to your food. And you can be so creative on this day; whatever dinner you are making, find a little room to add guacamole in it and enjoy the taste. You can also try something crazy, which may result in delicious.

  • Make fresh guacamole

One of the best ways to celebrate national guacamole day is by making some fresh guac. Get some ripe avocados from the nearby store. Cut your avocados, take out the stone, and get the flesh out of skiing with a spoon and put it in a bowl. With a fork or handheld mixture, smash it, add some lime juice, and salsa for extra flavor.


Why Everyone Loves the National Guacamole day?


  • Guac is healthy, as well as delicious.

Guacamole is one of the food that you can love easily; whether it is plain or spicy, you will love it easily. And avocados are rich in good fat, which will you to reduce cholesterol. When avocado is mashed, it will become creamy, and that brings all the amazing flavors.

  • It is versatile

The guacamole was originated in Mexican as a side dish. Due to its deliciousness, health benefits, and great flavor, it has become popular all across the world, especially in Canada and the United States. Guac is totally versatile; you can add it to most of your regular foods like sandwiches, salad, and even on pizza. Apart from versatility, it gives a great taste to the dish.


When is National Guacamole Day?

2020Sep 16
2021Sep 16
2022Sep 16
2023Sep 16


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